Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Sensible Statement on Immigration from the Left

I've mentioned before that Robert Lindsay [link] is my favorite leftists. He may even be a Marxist, but he is definitely not a cultural Marxist. In fact, the only thing I disagree with him about is whether a planned economy would be superior to a free economy. He seems to lean towards the planned economy, while I lean towards a free economy with constant scrutiny from everybody to keep it honest. But all that to the side, he definitely understands the economics of immigration, legal and illegal, and unlike most of the left, he sees it for what it really is — an attack on the White working class.  And, I have to agree with him, one of the really big flaws in the free market. Of course, I'd say that as long as the government is subsidizing immigration and interfering in the economy so as to encourage that immigration and discourage participation in the economy by Whites, it's not really a free market. But that's just a quibble about definitions. Read this, see the wisdom in it, and then visit Robert's site and congratulate him for pointing out the elephant in the room while everybody else is marveling at the elephant dung and wondering where it comes from.

There Are No “Jobs White Men Won’t Do”


I recently lived for 20 years in an all white community in California. Trust me,there was not one single job in that area that White people would not do. Nothing was too low for any White man of any age. Even many older White men were doing some of the worst, most low-paying jobs you could imagine. But it was a working class town, and everyone respected any man who worked, no matter at what kind of a job.

All the garbage collectors were White men. All the janitors and landscape crews were White men. All the dishwashers were White men. All the construction workers and painters were White men.

Towards the end though the Mexicans started flooding in and ruining everything.

A friend worked construction and the scumbag capitalist boss kept threatening to replace all the White workers with Mexicans. His exact words. Mexicans generally means illegals. Another friend is a painter and he said he could not compete anymore as all the competition was hiring Mexicans (illegals). When I left, even the roofing was being done by illegals. The roofing in my apartment was done by illegals.

I was so furious I wanted to call someone, but of course there is no INS to call about this sort of thing. The landlord was a capitalist piece of shit who never fixed anything and always bitched about how poor he was. He was not poor at all, trust me. The tenants like me? Now that’s poor.

The people who love the illegals are White small businessmen who hire them in droves. Restaurant owners, landscapers, roofers, construction contractors, painters, they are all hiring illegals in droves. I do not think many corporations are hiring illegals in California, but I could be wrong. Also a lot of relatively well-off White homeowners want to hire illegals to do work for them around their homes. I have had a number of White homeowners ask me where they could find some illegals to do some work around their place for them.

It is pretty much middle class and upper middle class Whites who are hiring illegals. So middle and upper class Whites are waging all out war on working class and poor Whites and using the illegal scabs as a weapon.

The word is that is how you get rich in California. Start a labor intensive small business, hire all illegals, and get rich. Apparently a lot of people are doing just that.

There is no downside to hiring illegals. There is zero law enforcement and you will never get caught.

White people pretty much suck. As long as the illegals are not taking their jobs, then they tend to support the illegals as a source of cheap labor. Or at least their job is not being threatened by them. You will notice that almost every White person who loves illegals makes pretty good money and is in a job that is not threatened by illegals. Human beings are no good. People suck. If it doesn’t effect them personally, they don’t give a f*ck. It ruins your life? So what? It doesn’t ruin mine so you can burn, haha. That’s how humans think.
Afterword. Robert is clearly right, but this attitude on the part of those who hire illegals is only due in part to basic human nature. It's also, as he says, because hiring illegals is risk-free, indeed, less risky than hiring Americans. It's also due to the neocon/neoliberal/libertarian notion that money, or at least economics, is everything, and to hell with race, nation, community, whatever else. And it's also due to the constant propaganda that we must welcome illegals, that they're actually better than we are, yadda yadda yadda, also a constant theme from the NNL's.  As for the quibcag, I found the illustratoin here:  http://zeiex.blogspot.com/

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