Monday, May 4, 2015

Root Causes in Baltimore

Over at, John Craig knocks another one out of the park:

Occam's razor

There have been a lot of theories floated in the mainstream media as to the root cause of the Baltimore riots.

One is the desperate poverty of many of the residents there. Another is the hopelessness of life in the inner city. Some say the educational system is lacking. Some blame the lack of employment opportunities for minority youth. And others say that such a conflagration was inevitable given the hostile, disrespectful attitude many police officers display towards young black men.

Here's a simpler explanation for the recent chaos:

Fish swim, birds fly.


  1. Facetiousness aside (or, if the perversity of Black "culture" is received as a given which cannot be overcome, and therefore should not be addressed as a problem susceptible to purposeful changed), let's look at matters of government intervention which - having been imposed by political fiat - can be eliminated by ceasing such intervention:

    (1) "Minimum-wage/Maximum-unemployment" - Obvious enough. If young Black males can't bring to the job market the skills and knowledge needed to make them employable at higher rates of pay, laws which criminalize employing them at lower rates of pay prevent them from getting "legitimate" jobs in which they can show their worth and demonstrate diligence such that future employers may be willing to hire them at better rates of pay.

    (2) "The War on Drugs" - the reason why the Baltimore police were cruising the streets of West Baltimore to sweep up young Black males like Freddie Gray in the first place. If suicidally stupid people want illicit popskull, let 'em have it. Decriminalize the drugs and "Think of it as evolution in action."

    (3) Regulatory overburden - businesses in the private sector treat all government regulations as costs of doing business, meaning that the expenses imposed by regulatory compliance are passed along to the consumers. That's you and me. We're paying for it, all the time, and everywhere. Those costs proportionately fall most heavily upon the poorest in our polity, making their lives even more desperate. Get in among the regulations with a swing blade and excise them.

    (4) No more "quantitative easing." If we cannot be served by honest money, let us at least cease the "legal counterfeiting" by which the poorest among us suffer the greatest theft of value, the debauchment of the pennies in their pockets.

    We don't need to favor the darkies. Just get the government off their throats.

    Ours, too.