Saturday, May 2, 2015

Diversity as it ought to be.

In response to my last, rather goofy post HERE, Matt Bailey wrote:

Don't knock it, that pretty young woman can pretty much walk alone anywhere in Japan and have an almost 0 percent chance of being raped and/or murdered. Whereas all sensible American women perforce carry guns these days. (The right to carry a gun is a great thing, the *forced necessity* to do the same is a national disgrace).

Matt has a way of putting things pungently and well, and is also the only person I know of since C. S. Lewis who knows what "perforce" means and how and when to use it, and it got me to thinking about 'diversity.' We have a diverse planet, with different kinds of people in different places, and that produces many different wonderful things because of the infinite variety of human insights and abilities. To the left, though, that kind of diversity really stinks, and their kind of diversity would slop everybody around all over the world, encouraging all kinds of multicuturalism and interbreeding, the idea being to end up with a bland, beige human race where there's no significant difference between one person and another, one nation or another, one family or another. In short, the leftist 'diversity' ethic is actually a uniformity ethic. Got that? As is the case in so many other areas, the left is working towards the opposite of what it publicly advocates.

Another example is 'safety.' The left says it will make you safer by disarming you. That is, when criminals are assured that regular people have no weapons in their homes, home burglaries and invasions will of course increase like crazy, so the criminals will feel safer. So when the left says they want to make you safe, again it's the opposite — They want to make the criminals safe and therefore put you at much greater risk.

You can go on and on with this 'opposites' theme. They want to make you more prospersous by raising your taxes. Prevent war by threatening Russia. Improve education by forcing incompatible groups to go to school together. And that brings us back to diversity.

And, since all this started with a post about Japan, it's worth pointing out that Japan's strength is not diversity, but homogeneity. And I want to keep humanity diverse by keeping the Japanese homogenous. And my own race homogenous. And all the others.

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