Friday, May 1, 2015

A Little High Culture for a Change

Here in America we get very little foreign television, and it's a pity. Oh, you can get Latin American stuff on the Spanish channels, but it's mostly just popular lowbrow stuff like variety shows and soap operas. And we really don't get very much of worth from Britain, mostly cheap English sitcoms and the like. We get nothing at all from Continental Europe as far as I know, and from Japan, we seem to mainly get Pokémon and other trivial kid stuff. The really refined cultural material from abroad is seldom translated into English. But, never mind that. I wanted to assure everybody that Japan, at least, produces some refined cultural material. I couldn't find an English dubbed example, unfortunately, but here's a sample of what could probably be considered the Japanese equivalent of Masterpiece Theatre.

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  1. With their sentō (public bath house) culture, the Japanese aren't as body-conscious as 'Murricans when it comes to bare buttocks and breasts. What we count as major wardrobe malfunctions aren't such of a much to the Nipponese.