Wednesday, April 1, 2015

UK Coup!


Just when you've given up all hope!

Sean Gabb named Lord Protector in Swift Military Coup

At 11AM GMT, Dr Sean Gabb was named Lord Protector after a short meeting with the Queen. Dr Gabb, the frontman for this morning’s military coup, was invited to Buckingham Palace for tea and cakes only an hour ago. Dr Gabb declined the light refreshments, stating “Dr Atkins wouldn’t approve.” After this joke, the Lord Protector was invited to form a government.
At 11:05, Lord Protector Gabb was driven to Number 10 where he dismissed the entire Home Civil Service. Next, he granted his first interview as Lord Protector to the BBC, taking this opportunity to announce that he was taking it permanently off air as of this evening.
Next, the Lord Protector, keen not to have to run a modern state and the Libertarian Alliance – the charity of which he is director – gave a press conference where he unveiled his Council, which handed control of the British state over to a few libertarians. The new War Secretary, David Davis, was keen to make it clear that  “No, I’m not that David Davis!”
By 11:20, the Lord Protector had shut down perhaps half of the British state and felt he could return to his home in Kent to continue with his writing. War Secretary Davis, too, had done enough work for the day and so returned to Southport (some say that he left some monkeys in charge of the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office).
At 11:25, the Lord Protector confirmed what were unconfirmed reports that he had invited Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Kevin Carson, and Keith Preston to serve as his Lord Lieutenants.
(Lord-Lieutenant Hoppe and his secretary)
At 11:30, Queen Elizabeth and her family were seen on the Eurostar heading towards France. Their decision to leave may have been based on rumours that Lord President Kersey had invited Duke Franz of Bavaria to his home in London for tiffin.
At 11:35, the Council issued a decree, stating that Wigan is now to be the capital of the United Kingdom. Another of the Lord Protector’s colleagues from the Libertarian Alliance has been made joint Sheriff and Mayor of the new capital city.
Will the British people put up with Lord Protector Gabb’s libertarianism?
Will Lord Protector Gabb put up with the British people?
Will Lord President Kersey, as they are already saying, replace Justin Welby as Archbishop of Canterbury?
Was Tony Blair really seen, bound and gagged, being dragged into the House of Lords to await the verdict of Lord Sudeley?
Will Britain return to the gold standard?
Is Stephan Kinsella really sat in the White House?
What has happened to the Adam Smith Institute?
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