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Racial Blinders

The dominant political philophies all have explanations for the Baltimore riots. And they're all pretty much wrong, because mentioning the elephant in the room is taboo. Neocons and/or Republicans are fond of pointing out that the Democrats have been running Baltimore since 1967, and that the riots are the result of Democratic policies. That's slightly true, but misses the big picture. Liberals and/or Democrats of course blame White racism and the fact that we haven't poured enough billions into the place. They're just completely wrong. Such spending has exacerbated the situation by rewarding past bad behavior. Libertarians, at least the ones with blinders on, blame the War on Drugs and police brutality, and that's true to a tiny extent as far as the drugs are concerned, and the police brutality is more of an effect than a cause. All of these theories are constantly harped on by the talking heads, and they all miss the point.

No, the reason is that Baltimore is a city dominated by Blacks. Paul Kersey explains. This is from

Baltimore Represents "Africa in America": Which is Why Mayor Rawlings-Blake Begged CVS to Build Store that Blacks Eventually Burned Down...

PK NOTE: Paul Kersey talks Baltimore with Jared TaylorPick up a copy of The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore to understand how the civilization whites created in Baltimore has been driven out by the rising black population.

A black mayor.
A black police commissioner, in charge of a police department on the verge of being majority black (and dedicated not to serving and protecting the community, but tackling racism to build trust with the 65 percent black city).

A majority black city council, with a black city council president who found it in his heart to apologize to the black terrorists who burned/rioted/and looted the city (while flanked by black gang members).
One of the most shocking headlines you'll ever read: the merger of the black-run state of Baltimore with 

black agents of anarchy: is this an example of the private army/police force President Obama spoke of?

But it doesn't matter.

White people abandoned a city their ancestors built because of intolerable rates of black crime and dysfunction, and with the subsequent black takeover of the city any and all vestiges of social capital left as well. Save on April 27, when rival black gangs - Crips, Bloods and Black Guerrilla Family street gangs - united to protect black owned businesses after meeting with a black elected official and members of the black clergy. [Rival Gang Members Unite, New York Times, 4-27-2015]:
At the end of a march led by Representative Elijah Cummings, Democrat of Maryland, local religious leaders met at New Shiloh Baptist Church on North Monroe Street with some of the young rioters. 
Most of the protesters had already left the church, but with about 50 people still in the pews, six or seven young men went to the front of the church, where they set out their frustrations and spoke about what they had done to shape the events of the night. 
Some of the young men wore bandanas to hide their identities. Several young men identified themselves as members of the Crips, Bloods and Black Guerrilla Family street gangs. One Crips member, who called himself Charles, said the gang members had taken to the streets because “there is only so far that you can push people into a corner. We’re frustrated and that’s why we’re out there in the streets.” 
He described how he and some Bloods members stood in front of stores that they knew were black-owned business, to protect them from looting and vandalism. He said they made sure no black youths, or reporters, were injured by rioters. 
Instead, he said, they pointed the rioters toward Chinese- and Arab-owned stores. 
Freddie Gray’s death, he said, had brought Baltimore’s violent gangs together. 
“I rolled over here on a truck and I was the only Crip, and everybody else was Bloods, and they didn’t do anything to me,” he said. “We’re together in this.”
An admission by a black Crip member that rival black gangs are united in the racial cleansing of Baltimore of any non-black person: this profound statement should be juxtaposed with the Baltimore City Council President being flanked by two black gang members as he apologized for calling them "thugs."

All that remained was the infrastructure white people built long ago, for a future far different than the one on April 29, 2015, when the black city leaders could not guarantee the safety of white Baltimore Orioles fans and the team played a game before an empty stadium.

With the invention of the mechanical cotton picker in the early 1900s, black labor became obsolete on farms in the south. So, blacks moved north seeking work. They flooded into Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore.

In 2015, the descendants of these black migrants labor is just as worthless as the value of the labor those black migrants had when they left the south almost a century ago.. [Baltimore Protesters Defy Curfew With Thousands Of Police, Troops Deployed, Huffington Post, April 28, 2015]:

The violence set off soul-searching among community leaders and others, with some suggesting the uprising was about more than race or the police department — it was about high unemployment, high crime, poor housing, broken-down schools and lack of opportunity in Baltimore's inner-city neighborhoods.
The city of 622,000 is 63 percent black. The mayor, state's attorney, police chief and City Council president are black, as is 48 percent of the police force.
"You look around and see unemployment. Filling out job applications and being turned down because of where you live and your demographic. It's so much bigger than the police department," said Robert Stokes, 36, holding a broom and a dustpan on a corner where some of the looting and vandalism took place.
He added: "This place is a powder keg waiting to explode."You read on sites like National Review or Breitbart that 65 percent black Baltimore represents a "failure of liberal policies": yet liberal cities with small black populations, such as San Francisco, Portland, Austin, and Seattle are thriving.

But a once proud city - the birthplace of the United States National Anthem - is now a black dystopia, with a burned-out CVS a representation of the Visible Black Hand of Economics, considering it took extraordinary measures by the black government of Baltimore to convince CVS to invest in West Baltimore. [Baltimore mayor defends riot response, The Hill, April 28, 2015]:

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) on Monday night activated the National Guard in Baltimore andsuggested Rawlings-Blake had held up the process.
"When the mayor called me, which quite frankly we were glad that she finally did, instantly we signed the executive order," Hogan said.
Rawlings-Blake defended her handling of the crisis, and lamented the toll that the unrest had taken on her city. She noted that one of the fires gutted a West Baltimore CVS that had been seen as a crucial addition to the community.
“I spoke to someone here who knows how hard we fought to get a CVS to invest into this neighborhood,” she said, noting that the drug stores is the only place some people can pick up prescriptions nearby.
“Everybody know we have a city with great needs, and there are many that are struggling. What happened last night made sure that more people are struggling.”
The mayor said over the weekend that the city has been trying to walk the line of keeping the peace and allowing people to protest. She added that in the balancing act, she wanted to “give those who wished to destroy space to do that. ”But blacks didn't need any "space" to destroy what was left of the civilization whites long ago built (and abandoned because of the intolerable rates of crime by blacks and the incivility high numbers of black neighbors brought to the community), as they've been doing it since the black riots of 1968.[Crowds Scatter as Baltimore Curfew Takes Hold, New York Times, 4-29-15]:
Near the burned-out CVS, Robert Wilson, a college student who went to high school in Baltimore, said: “With the riots, we’re not trying to act like animals or thugs. 
We’re just angry at the surroundings, like this is all that is given to us, and we’re tired of this, like nobody wants to wake up and see broken-down buildings. They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers, and now we have traffic lights that don’t work, we have houses that are crumbling, falling down.”Mr. Wilson said he had seen someone on television say, “This doesn’t feel like America." 
“And I’m like, ‘This is America!’ ” he said. “ ‘They just don’t want you to know!’ ”
Mr. Wilson, 65 percent black Baltimore is no longer America: it's Africa in America, where the skyscrapers long ago erected by white men believing in a brighter future now stand to mock the deteriorating conditions of a city completely controlled by blacks.

You wake up to broken-down buildings because blacks fail to maintain the buildings/homes whites abandoned because of black crime; community centers go away because the 65 percent black city lacks the tax base to sustain them; no one takes away any fathers, with black males possessing free will to either leave a pregnant woman or commit a crime that puts them in jail; traffic lights don't work because no funds our available for the Department of Transportation because of the 65 percent black city lacks the tax base to fund it; and the houses are crumbling and falling down because they were built to shelter white people, not the descendants of obsolete farm equipment from the south whose criminality and inability to assimilate to western civilization drove whites to rebuild the city in the suburbs.

With white people abandoning the city their ancestors built, and building new, thriving communities in Baltimore County, why couldn't individual black people collectively create a community where CVS would be begging to invest in, instead of the black leadership of the city begging CVS to "pretty please" open up a store...?"

No, white flight didn't decimate Baltimore businesses: the white abandonment of Baltimore and subsequent black demographic majority in the city created an uncomfortable environment for commerce that only plexiglas can alleviate.

Businesses continue to open up in heavily Democrat Portland, Seattle, Denver, Austin, & San Fransisco, but these cities do not have the liability of a large black population as Baltimore does: nor is there a real fear a black riot will cause the Mariners, Rockies, or Giants baseball games to be played before an empty stadium...
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