Monday, April 27, 2015

Hillary Ad Nauseam

If there were no Hillary Clinton, it would be necessary to invent her. For the Republicans, that is. I really wish she would implode or otherwise go away soon, because, as some pundits have pointed out, she's using up all the oxygen in the room. What they mean is that she's distracting attention away from some really cool candidates people need to know about. What I mean is that she's distracting attention away from the basic hideousness of the other candidates. Seriously, just what differences, other than cosmetic, do you detect between her and the latest Bush? None, really, and that goes for all the other Democrats and Republicans so far, with a partial exception in the case of Rand Paul.

We're all so busy pointing out the horrors of Hillary, we don't have time to point out that her foreign policy is virtually identical to that of all the other candidates (again excepting Paul, to some extent). Her open borders advocacy is horrible and treasonous, of course, but so it that of all the other declared candidates, no matter what they've had to say lately. Interestingly, Rubio sounds like he's against open borders when he speaks English, but quite the contrary when he speaks Spanish.

I've even let her use up too much of the oxygen on this blog, because she's such an easy target. I'll try to do better.