Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hatin' on Hoosiers

It's amazing how much you can listen to news about the Indiana religious freedom law kerfluffle without anybody clearly stating what the law is all about. Basically, it's an attempt to prevent the kind of homosexual bullying and coercion that we've experienced in Colorado and other places lately, as Matt Bailey describes so clearly below:

The Indiana law in a nutshell is an attempt to ban this:

"I want you to bake me a cake."

"I do not wish to bake a cake for you."


This is obviously tantamount to forced labor/robbery, and no ethical human views such lawsuits with anything except disgust. That said, the law is a far less than ideal stop-gap, there should be no idiotic "because god!" clause on your property rights and freedom of association. If you want to open a business that turns away Blacks, Whites, Baptists, redheads, Dodgers fans, or which only serves left-handed midgets, whatever, that is damn well your right. Unfortunately, it is going to be an uphill fight to get back full property rights for business owners. However, said IS needed because some profoundly childish POS out there have decided they can misuse the legal system as a bully's club upon people whose views they do not like. And folks like the gay doctor or Muslim store owner threatening to turn away Christians, I'm calling their bluff. They have EVERY right to do that,
and I hope they actually follow through. The more people asserting their rights, the better for liberty.
Quibcag: I used Marii of Joshiraku (じょしらく) as the illustration, because she oddly reminds me of Ann Coulter. I drew the quote out of Ann's essay on the Indiana law HERE. The other illustration, the gif, is here to remind everybody that it's all about cake. Cake and power.

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  1. Over at Vox Populi the commenter ''black knight'' (don't know if he's missing any arms or legs) quipped:
    Another black knight move is to force Muslim bakers, etc in the US to service the queers. Pretend to be a wedding planner for the grooms, order a cake, threaten a lawsuit...
    And guess what? That was tried...
    Didn't work too well.
    Poetic justice would have been if that moslim donned an allah akbar and pressed the detonator.
    Someone tried to give the gays their just desserts, and it seems they lost their appetite for dessert.