Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Star Trek According to Matt Bailey

As is so often the case, Matt Treasonous Bailey can say what I'm trying to say better and more tersely than I can. Here he expands and clarifies what I posted HERE.

Star Trek was a fantasy series, not sci-fi. That said, of course every race and species on the Enterprise exhibits behavior and values that would be approved of by idealistic, mostly nerdy, mostly White fans of the time. ESPECIALLY Spock. That is how they got you to like the show, and more speculatively that is how they brainwashed us into thinking that all races and groups actually WERE amenable to Western civilization's ideals. One can argue that it wasn't INTENDED to brainwash, but I can personally attest that Star Trek and other TV shows with the same element in them created in myself a deep EMOTIONAL investment in the idea of every group being equally groovy by the standards I hold dear that was only lost with much painful experience and study of brutal fact.

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