Friday, March 20, 2015

Matt Bailey Sets Us Straight on Reality Versus Ideology

My last post, Time to Lawyer up?, led to the usual sputtering and finger-pointing from liberals who think they're libertarians because they watched Firefly. I won't bother to answer them here, because their 'argument' is that the post said 'racist' things. Not wrong things, you understand, but racist things, so of course that's all the refutation necessary.

Better than that, my post calling for consideration of Jeff Sessions for President, because of his rational stand on immigration, drew much the same response from another such self-styled libertarian, who trotted out the ZAP (Zero Aggression Principle, sometimes called the NAP, or Non-Aggression Principle), interpreting it as a suicide pact between True Believers, ready to give up their lives, the lives of their friends and families, and the whole damn country now and forever so that future Chinese archaeologists can praise them for their philosophical consistency.  But see, I always get snarky and impatient with such nonsense. Matt Bailer is much cooler and calmer.  In reply to all that, he wrote:

There is no particular conflict between embracing the NAP as GENERALLY a good rule for human interaction and being realistic about the obvious and easily proven average differences between racial, cultural, and religious groups. In point of fact, Leftists often attack libertarian views on property rights and freedom of association because (horror!) people might choose to voluntarily associate only with groups they like, and not associate with groups they don't find compatible. Libertarians should quit lamely asserting that this won't happen, plainly folks DO associate with people like themselves and avoid those whose standards they find abhorrent as much as possible unless forced to do otherwise. Libertarians should rather ask why it is a bad thing for people to behave in this way, it is in fact logical and beneficial. For instance, large scale interactions between Blacks and Whites in this country are plainly disastrous. There is what has been accurately called a low-intensity, one sided race war going on in this country, which is to say that statistics indicate that 90% of interracial crime in this country is Black on White. As Whites grow tired of this crap, there is real danger that the problem will cease being one-sided. Plainly large numbers of Blacks will attack the person and property of innocent third parties whenever police misconduct against a Black, real or imagined, occurs. The dominant culture amongst Blacks when it comes to views on crime, law, education, redistributive socialism, noise, the primacy of logic and evidence, etcetera, is plainly inimical to the views of most Whites on these subjects, ESPECIALLY most libertarian Whites, who are not coincidentally 99% of all libertarians.

See? You don't have to be a rainbows-and-unicorns liberal first to be a libertarian. Matt certainly isn't. If you have libertarian friends who just don't get it, send them this URL.

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