Saturday, February 14, 2015

Send us your tired, your poor, your hodgepodge....

Back in 1924, I think it was, we had an immigration law designed to preserve the ethnic makeup of the country. It wasn't perfect, being based on country of origin, regardless of actual ethnic group, but it kept us from turning into a multicultural mess for 40 years, until Lyndon Johnson decided to require immigration to wreck the country. What his motivation was, God only knows, but it was either idiotic or malignant or both.

Right now, the prevailing ideology is that this is a good thing. That we don't want any of the White European Christian types who built the country. Hell no. We want people who are at least unwilling to assimilate, and, even better, unable to assimilate, because, well, anything is better than White European Christians.

All our politicians are in the groove on this. We all know that Jeb Bush wants all of The Americas South of the Rio Grande to come here ASAP, and I'm sure he'd be delighted to have as many Africans and other Third Worlders as possible, too. Again, though, not so much those White Christian Europeans.

As near as I can determine, the Bush family just wants to be hidalgos, and the best way to do that is to have plenty of peons to lord it over, and to use for cheap labor, too, of course, to depress wages and create as much income inequality as possible.

Now, Obama's incentive is simpler. Oh, he'd like to be an hidalgo too, but more important to him is just plain old hating Whitey. The more Third Worlders he can bring in, the harder it is on Whitey, the more Whiteys just plain die or aren't born to begin with. And Whitey gets to pay for all of it.

And you'll notice in the Obama quote that assimilation is not to be desired. If immigrants assimilate, they actually become Americans, with American values and culture, and Obama hates that stuff. No, he wants a hodgepodge — clumps of multicultural "communities," hostile to one another and especially hostile to your basic White Christian European American types. This is what Obama is optimistic about — the destruction of America.

Steve Sailer goes into more detail about all this here:

Obama Reveals His Political Grand Strategy: The Hodgepodgization of America

P. S. The comments on Steve's post are well worth reading. Also, his post discusses Postville, Iowa, and if you don't know about that, you have to read it.

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  1. And everything is heading toward a state of atrophy.