Sunday, February 15, 2015

Monday Morning Outrageous Quibcag

Since there's a remote possibility that some of you have never seen or heard the original, of which this is a rather profound parody, you can read about it HERE.
And the quibcag girl is a Nazi chick, courtesy of Vulture of Critique.


  1. Ouch. So accurate it will send some people into a rage spiral.

  2. Hah,

    Truth is only an honest right wing regime would stop . The Right would go "eh good enough" and be done with it as history has shown with much lower atrocity rates in even the nastiest right wing despotism .

    Leftists want perfection and won't know how or when to quit. They'll kill by the millions to try and achieve nebulous impossible goals.

    To some degree that rules out the NDSAP types like our nice girl here who kind of oscillated between Left and Right ideologies leaning far more left