Thursday, February 19, 2015

La Différence

George Wallace famously said that there wasn't a 'dime's worth' of difference between Democrats and Republicans — maybe more like a nickle. And that was a long time ago. Coincidentally, the last time I voted for a Democrat it was Wallace, though he was running on the American Independent Party ticket at the time. Things haven't changed much since then. Oh, there was a rhetorical conservative movement under Reagan, but, as Limbaugh said the other day, the Reagan Administration just put on the brakes a little, and didn't reverse anything. And, at that, Limbaugh was overstating it.

Of course, we're dealing with millions of people in each party, so the differences, if any, are statistical. I've voted Republican since 1968 precisely because the Republican party includes a few decent people like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, while the Democrats don't have any at all any more. And the decent Republicans are a tiny minority.

But the quibcag holds. Those who explicitly advocate the destruction of the United States and the American people are irresistibly drawn to the Democratic Party, while the Republican, for the most part, don't really care one way or the other. The illustration is Marika, of Bodacious Space Pirates (モーレツ宇宙海賊パイレーツ Mōretsu Pairētsu), who is good at making decisions like this. Do circulate this far and wide.

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  1. This failure to pose a real challenge to the advance of the liberal - progressive agenda is one of the main reasons I identify myself as Southern Agrarian when questioned about political affiliation. Usually, this just results in the "other" box getting checked but once in a while I have someone who asks for further explanation. Maybe I'll even get a real political party going someday.