Saturday, February 21, 2015

In Rudy Veritas

This time, anyway. The quibcag has it right. For some reason, Giuliani has decides to declare outright the mokita that Obama doesn't love America. Of course he doesn't. He despises this country, and it is evident in everything he's ever said or written. One guy I heard on the radio clarified the matter — he said that it's not America that Obama dislikes, it's Americans. And that does tell us a little more. I'd be a little more nuanced and say that Obama dislikes those Americans who do love America. The Americans who also, like Obama, despise America, they're okay in Obama's book.

Like all leftists, Obama has a hierarchy of respect. He prefers countries that dislike America.  Especially nonWhite countries, and most especially Black countries, like his native? Kenya. He also likes communist countries, it would seem, and is even now figuring out how to give as much American money as possible to Cuba.

He gets his affection for communism from both parents, and evidently from his maternal grandparents.  And his bias towards Muslims has a few causes — Everybody on his father's side of the family is a Muslim, he went to Muslim schools, his mother married two Muslims, and a great way to wreck the US (and the Western World in general) is to welcome multitudes of Muslim immigrants.

So Rudy has told the truth at least once now. That puts him ahead of the pack, alas.
Quibcag: I believe the groveling apology is performed by a girl from Toradora! (とらドラ!) 

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  1. Rudy's just campaigning for a VP slot.