Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to treat liberals

The below is a very nice article, from which I extracted the very nice quibcag here, but I couldn't figure out what "LARP" means.  Now, I know it means "live-action role playing," but that doesn't seem to fit, but maybe it does.  I looked around the net and found this definition by Spider58x:

In the alt-right parlance, "LARPing" refers to neckbearded losers who put all their mental energy into believing pie-in-the-sky, never-gonna-happen political fantasylands, like seceding to create a white ethnostate (AKA "Skyrimism"), seasteading, re-instating the House of Stuart in Great Britain, or putting some some sort of formalist philospher-king in charge of a city-state.

You can read more of what he says here [link].
The message of this article is a good one. Do everything you can to make Democrats (or liberals, or progressives, or whatever they're calling themselves right now) look like the immature, lying, slimeballs that they are.

Never compromise with them, never accept any of their premises, never "work with" them. Their goal, whether they know it or not, is our destruction, and you can't meet something like that halfway.

Pass this around with the URL, or just the quibcag.  This is from:

The Policy Stuff

In recent years, I’ve gradually lost interest in LARPy policy arguments. 2010 was a turning point for me. All the liberals I knew were clearly arguing in favor of some imaginary health care reform that had at best a tenuous relationship to what Harry Reid planned to inflict on us. Meanwhile, conservatives were arguing for policy that had exactly 0% chance of passing. What we got was a dildo straight in the pooper, and all our LARPing on all sides had exactly jack diddly crap to do with the outcome.

The usual proposed alternative to LARPing is compromise. The idea is that if we meet the left, they might replace the double dragon dildo with a smaller, smoother model, and may even let us lube up first. This, however, is a fool’s errand, as we all know the next compromise will simply a bigger, rougher, drier ravaging.
Now, conservatives have won major victories in the last couple decades on things like home schooling, the income tax, gun rights, and regulations on abortion. So it is clear that the Overton Window can in fact be moved rightward. As the alt-right grows and becomes a nontrivial influence in the Republican Party, what kind of policy should we support?
The correct thing to do is support the most viable policies, positions, and politicians that provoke the most outrage and butthurt among the left. A crying, screaming, raging mess of a human being is intrinsically repulsive to the median voter. The more repulsive the left becomes, the more attractive rebellion against them becomes, the harder it becomes for them to win election, the easier it is to ignore their howls of protest as we destroy their institutions. No one likes crybabies.

What we want is for the general public to regard liberals as disgusting, traitorous crybabies who utterly lack self-control and hate their country. This should not be terribly hard, as liberals actually are disgusting, embarrassing crybabies who utterly lack self-control and hate their country. One only need read Gawker, XOJane, or the Huffington Post for about twenty minutes to observe what nauseating people liberals truly are.
Remember, we’re talking about people who are okay with mass child rape so long as the rapists are Muslims.
This can result in supporting what would otherwise be counterintuitive policy.  A small marginal cut to a welfare program or a university budget may seem too trivial to fight over, and in the past Republicans rolled over on these fights. I am asserting that these are the most important fights to win, because they make Democrats look bad. The Democrat-driven shutdown over cuts to Planned Parenthood was followed by a historic Republican sweep in 2014. Freaking out because Bruce Rauner won’t pretend money can be pulled out of unicorn butts isn’t winning them friends in Illinois. Losing their goddamned minds because Scott Walker said state employees shouldn’t be forced to join a union has only solidified Republican control.
I have always said that the road to reaction starts with refusing to compromise with the left on anything. We don’t just want the most right-wing candidate to win. We want the left to lose its legitimacy, and for that, we’re going to need their help.
Quibcag: The crybaby is one of the girls, Renko, I think, from "Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3" (特例措置団体ステラ女学院高等科C3部


  1. Larpers run around with weapons and don't harm others.
    Blacks run around with weapons and harm many.
    Keeping things in perspective.

  2. Actual LARPers get together and pretend to be wizards and knights and such and hit each other with foam swords.

    Internet LARPers are people who adopt an ideology that they may or may not actually believe in - communism, anarchism, fascism, nationalism, national socialism, or some kind of religion, Islam, Eastern Orthodoxy, conservative Catholicism, etc. - and the only evidence that they exist is online, and it's impossible to tell if they actually believe what they are saying, or if they are simply trolling.

    An internet LARPer is basically a bullshit artist, inhabits web forums and the like and makes extreme, purist arguments for his preferred ideology, yet you never see any evidence that he has ever done anything in real life related to his beliefs. I'm not talking about people who merely debate or discuss politics or religion online and don't get involved in real politics. I'm talking about someone who, say, really talks and acts like he believes in North Korean Communism, yet he's just some high school or college kid, or post-college kid living in his parents basement, who doesn't necessarily believe in any of the crap he posts online, but is playing a part to see if he can create a viable online persona for himself, to see if he can make himself notorious and maybe gather some followers or hangers-on, and then play games with web forum politics. That's internet LARPing.

    It's role playing, online, using a fake or fake-ish persona espousing some kind of extreme, odd, or "edgy" ideology. The longer they persist in this kind of behavior without any evidence of real political or religious commitments, and without any attempt to engage others in actual conversation with subsequent modifications or evolution in views, the more likely the person in question is engaging in online LARPing.

    A person can advocate extreme or purist or edgy or oddball ideas online without being a LARPer; purists can be annoying be they are sincere. A LARPer on the other hand, is just in it for the online drama, whether he "believes" in what he says or not. His motivation, his goal, is the online persona itself, ie the LARP, and not the stated end goals of his preferred ideology.