Sunday, February 1, 2015

Glaivester Translates the Trannies

It's getting hard to keep up with Glaivester lately. He's cartooning more and more, and his latest work leads me to conclude that the controlling basis of our predominant ideology, liberalism, is make-believe. Trannies, or TG's or whatever they're currently calling themselves are doing make-believe, or pretending, that they're not the sex they actually are, but the other one. In my previous post HERE, the subject was the popular pretense that girls are capable of being soldiers. Elsewhere, Obama is pretending that everybody ought to go to college, and that they would benefit as individuals and society would benefit as a whole. He's also pretending that he can make it "free" by decree and that nobody will have to pay for it. We're asked to pretend that this Lynch person is something other than an Affirmative Action ideologue, and liberals all over the net are pretending that Obama somehow cut the deficit while adding trillions to it.

Politicians have always lied, but seldom in history have their lies been so all-encompassing and so transparent, in a way. Only in the communist world, before this time, was there a universal public acceptance and endorsement of so many palpable untruths. This is further evidence that communism didn't fall, but simply left the sinking ship of the Soviet Union to reestablish itself here in the West, where it dominates the MAG (Media, Academia, Government).

Read Glaivester's commentary on his cartoon here:

That's a Woman, Winston Smith!

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  1. Trannies are just the tip of the iceberg. Now we have young people who are convinced they can change their race or even their species at will -