Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fred Reed on Ladies in Combat

I hope I haven't misled any readers with my frequent illustrations of military or quasi-military girls from anime. They're make-believe. I use them because they're eye-catching, not because they're real. Women are not designed for combat. Even in Starship Troopers (the book, not the movie), Robert Heinlein knew better than to have girls serving as soldiers. Some were pilots, which in his day might have seemed plausible, but women carrying around what the infantry carries around and doing what the infantry does? Uh-uh. Since his time, it's become popular in fiction of all kinds to have ladies fighting like men. Remember the horrifying scene in Voyager when Janeway stripped down and oiled up and carried some kind of rifle around? Brrr!

Fiction does this for two reasons: Because it's politically correct to do so, and because it's more entertaining that way. Suppose Longmire's Assistant Sheriff was Jamie Bamber instead of Katee Sackhkoff. More realistic, but not nearly so entertaining. And suppose instead of Ken Curtis, Matt Dillon's deputy had been Julie Newmar. See what I mean?

Well, Fred Reed deals with the intrinsic inability of women to be soldiers, as well as the inevitable disruptive effect their very presence has, in the following, from

Women in the Military: Fiat Equality
Unwelcome Facts from a Closet

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