Saturday, February 7, 2015

Defining Anti-Semitism

"Anti-Semitism" is a subdivision of "racism," of course, and both are words that carry more emotion than meaning. "Racism" was a word coined by, or at least popularized by, Leon Trotsky, and, interestingly, it's considered an act of anti-Semitism to bring that fact up. Anyway, both words have mostly lost any meaning they may once have had, and now are just a shortcut way of saying "I disapprove of you."

But, insofar as anti-Semitism has any meaning, it has indeed changed, as the quibcag expresses. Because now a person can be completely pro-Jewish, as is the case with lots of Christian Evangelicals, but still be considered anti-Semitic because Jews, or at least Jewish leaders of opinion, dislike said person. Indeed, just about any Christians you care to name out there, from Jimmy Carter to a number of Popes to Billy Graham, have been described as anti-Semites at one time or another. After all, if you're a Christian, you're explicitly saying you believe something that Jews don't believe, so that condemns you right then and there.

And, one of the most anti-Semitic things a person can do is refer in any way at all to the USS Liberty.  If you have not heard about the USS Liberty, you can check out my previous posts on it HERE, or go to what the Irish Savant has to say about it at:

In case you were wondering about ZOG....

Everyone on this site must have heard of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty during the Six-Day-War in 1967. Just to recap, theLiberty, which was focused on intelligence-gathering and thus lightly armed, was attacked by Israeli Mystere jets using machine guns and napalm, and by attack boats which hit the ship with several torpedoes. As survivors scrambled for safety the Israelis strafed the lifeboats with machine gun fire. All the evidence to hand makes it clear that the Israelis knew that the Liberty was American although the motives of Moshe Dayan, who ordered the attack, remain unclear to this day.

Read the rest here:

But back to the point, which is defining anti-Semitism. Vulture of Critique writes about this. Click and learn:

Welcome to 2015, where everyone has a different definition for the term “anti-semitism”

Quibcag: Coincidentally enough, the illustration was swiped from that same Vulture of Critique. It's not totally appropriate, but seriously, that sort of illustration has to be spread around the net in any way possible.


  1. I got to use "Anti Semite" today. It was fun. A Fox "Conservative" was going on about Obama's meeting with the Muslim leaders. I asked him if Obama's appointing over 30 Jews to high level government positions meant Obama was a secret Jew. "Those aren't really Jews" was the reply. "Oh, you are deciding who is Jewish and who isn't? You must be an Anti-Semite" Hilarity ensued amidst much sputtering and spitting.

  2. Not sure if my comment came through so I will repeat it. If someone acts unjustly against a Jew I will help the Jew resist. If a Jew commits an act of injustice I will help his victim resist. What that maes me i will let God judge.

  3. Here's a good example ''Hollywood is Jewish'': If a jew says that, the reaction is akin to saying water is wet. If a Gentile notes that fact they whine that's an anti-Semitic canard!.
    Number of Hollywood studios founded by a Gentile: ONE - Disney because of a rather interesting historical fact.
    Number of Hollywood studios controlled by jews today (yes, including SONY Pictures): All of them - including Disney, they locked up that one over 30 years ago and it shows; compare Disney pre '84 vs. Disney post '84.
    Do you honestly think Walt would have had anything to do with Lindsy Lohan, Aguilara, Brittany and so on?