Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Frank Look at Muslims

Guest post by Matt Bailey:

There are 1.6 billions Muslim, and whatever else is wrong with them, one thing they AREN'T is lotion-handed urban eunuchs of the "I would never carry a gun or take a human life, even to defend myself" variety. In point of fact, they no kidding look positively on the idea of DYING while killing perceived enemies. So trying to bluff them with violence is right out, obviously. Right now our policy consists of blowing up just enough of their women and babies to get them really pissed off, but not enough to exterminate them, which probably cannot be done anyway. See the problem here? And not only do we piss them off, we practically INVITE them to immigrate into the West. Our policy is going into the woods to throw rocks at a hornet's nest and wondering why you get stung, then taking the hornet's nest complete with inhabitants and larvae into your house.
Ex-Army here. Only thing I can nitpick about in Matt's post is that "practically invite." No "practically" about it. Our policy towards wannabee immigrants is to say. 

"You're a refugee, right? Of course you are! C'mon in and sign up for some freebies! And don't forget to demand affirmative action and other special accommodations."

And of course we have churches, synagogues, and mosques, along with all kinds of "progressive" groups, twisting and evading what few immigration laws that we do have to get as many Muslims in as possible, lecture them on how Whitey discriminates against them, and demand taxpayer money to take care of their every need.
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  1. It's interesting how easy it is to get conservative white Americans in flyover country (who are good people, but sadly deluded and sometimes none too bright) all riled up to go over there and bomb Muslims - again - after having been shown how useless that is over and over again from our previous interventions - and yet they cannot connect the dots to the immigration invasion which is happening right in front of their very eyes.

    The neo-con talk show hosts are the worst, constantly riling up their audiences about the evils of Islam (which are real enough) without pointing out that we are letting in millions of these people into our country, who didn't like us even before we bombed them, and are unlikely to care that we supposedly were only bombing the "bad" Muslims.

    The neo-cons talk as though the Muslim terrorists who pop up over here just grew out of the ground like weeds or popped up one morning on our lawns like mushrooms after a rain. They never never never explain the mechanics of race replacement immigration into white countries. It's a deliberate strategy. They pretend, usually via lies of omission, that this race replacement invasion "just happened", is natural, is inevitable, and that there is nothing we can do about it.