Saturday, January 10, 2015

When Charles Martel Just Isn't Enough

I thought the idea of replacing "Je suis Charlie Hebdo." with "Je suis Charles Martel" HERE was pretty darn cute, but Bob Wallace went the extra mile. Quibcag is based on his post HERE. And, to give proper credit, Bob's post was brought to my attention HERE. And this of course reminds me of the following illustration from an old post HERE.


  1. Okay, that made me laugh...

  2. If I recall my history correctly, Vlad ultimately lost to the Turks.

    1. Everyone remembers his name but no one remembers the Turks to whom he lost - after staking about 100,000 of them.

  3. Still, any number of them impaled is a blessed thing, win or lose.

  4. In truth nobody knows how Vlad Tepes died. Reports vary, saying he was betrayed by his boyars, or in battle with the Turks, or during a hunt. Most agree that it was in 1477. Better yet, nobody really knows where he is buried.

  5. Do you think Anglo-Saxon law would frown upon reviving impalement as an execution method?