Thursday, January 29, 2015

More on Cultural Marxism

A comment on this post from Ondra Veselý. My comments will follow:

Another great article, but I have to object this idea expressed thoughout the article, that capitalism and cultural marxism are compatible. I strongly disagree!

The system we have today is certainly not capitatalistic. I mean not even close! The word itself comes from roman "capita" meaning "head" in a sence of individual. Conservativism is based on individualism, classical liberalism too, therefore they are compatible with with capitalism in it's crude form, but the same thing doesn't fit for today "liberalism", democratic socialism, "progressivism" or any other type of cultural marxist "-ism" at all.

These labels of "ideologies" are actually brutally collectivistic, pretending to be "individualistic", and they also impose all sorts of sh*tty government-based PC regulations on markets and their actors-individuals, such as affirmative action laws produced by the multicultural NGOs sponsored by the governments and "capitalists" (e.g. George Soros), foreign "aid", support for nationalistic sentiments among non-white nations (typically african nations, Tibet, Chechnya or Palestine), but the govenment-paid suppression of the exact same sentiments among white people, phony environmentalism expressed by the global warming bullshit most notably represented by the carbon taxes, excessive environmental anti-CO2 campaings and regulations, anti-fracking and anti-nuke movements, all sorts of subsidies for so called "clean sources of energy", "wars" on terror and drugs (they should be called war for terror and war for intoxication) and of course, central banking (controlled by the Jewish lobby) etc., all of which causes more instability and impoverishment of everybody except for the goverment-connected cultural marxist f*cks, which results in mass-emigration of non-whites from their homelands to the white countries.

If something, this system can be described as a mixture of regulated "capitalism" and government programs-based socialism, in other words market socialism, corporatism, corporate socialism, C-M fascism etc., but not as capitalism, since it doesn't promote individual rights and freedoms but privileges for minority GROUPS (collectivism) over the rights of individuals from the white majority (individualism).

I think that thinking of many nationalists has been f*cked up by this system' propaganda coming from the public schools, government-run academia and government-promoted MSM because the terminology used by them is improper too, at least when it comes to the economic point of view.
Ondra's point is well taken. It's misleading to say that Cultural Marxism is compatible with capitalism in its free-market sense. Because, of course, we actually have a system that is variously described as crony capitalism, state capitalism, or mercantilism. Some even call it fascism (I oppose this usage, because fascism has to do with much more than just economics).

You can call our system a version of capitalism because it's supported at least in part by the investment of accumulated capital. But such investment is accompanied and distorted by the investment of fiat money produced by government, and by what amounts to, in effect, a command economy managed by unfunded government mandates that extend from the forced integration of lunch counters to environmental regulations to Jesse Jackson shaking corporations down with the support of the Department of Justice and the White House.

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