Sunday, January 11, 2015

Matt Bailey finds another outrageous cartoon!

Thanks to
Matt Treasonous Bailey
for another conversation starter! Click it to see it larger.


  1. OMG, are you fucking kidding me?
    First of all the doll experiment was done to see what prejudices would be placed upon dolls of different races, and it was shown that regardless of the child's race, they all thought the white doll was good and the black doll was bad. It's offensive that you would make light of the serious implications of the study merely to send your message.
    In regard to your comic's message, the doctor is messed and there is nothing wrong with what either girl is doing, but the exaggeration is ridiculous and it incorrectly interprets the intentions of those fighting for racial equality. No intelligent person of colour who is simply striving for equality wants every other privileged race to be ashamed of their heritage, and by asking you to acknowledge your privilege, we are not asking you to be ashamed of your colour, we are asking you to look at the difference of treatment simply due to race and we are asking for your help. And having to acknowledge one's own privilege is in no way even remotely close to the constant discrimination, stereotyping, poor treatment, and hatred that people of colour deal with EVERY SINGLE DAY of their lives.
    A half-Aboriginal Woman with white privilege that actually has to hear her aboriginal heritage demonized everywhere she goes but doesn't have to deal with racist comments about her European heritage, at all.

  2. OMG, are you fucking kidding me? I wish I thought of that. Great cartoon, think i actually peed my pants a little from laughing

  3. Wow, Managed to meld together a racist comic and embarrass the military at the same time. Kudos for you.

  4. That's about right, the hook nosed Jew is spot on.

  5. madamscorpious: There is no one more stupid than the literal-minded. In case that went over your head, it means you.