Friday, January 2, 2015

Liberals as Nutcases, Part I

We are all aware of the liberal double standard, aren't we? Not that double standards are all that rare in political discourse, but the comical part is that liberals claim to be so objective and fair about everything, while most conservatives and libertarians would be too embarrassed to maintain double standards as egregiously as liberals do. In my opinion, the double standards are so preposterous as to indicate, in some liberals at least, a form of sociopathy.

Stuart Schneiderman, below, summarizes this concept professionally, but I'd first like to add more examples of the double standard:

1. White male college students are constantly falsely accused of maintaining a "rape culture," while actual rape culture among Black Americans and Muslim immigrants are completely ignored.

2. Republicans like Mitt Romney are accused of being too "rich," while hideously wealthy liberals like George Soros are referred to as "philanthropists."

3. White Americans are expected to feel guilty about slavery, which was abolished 150 years ago, while the slavery currently popular in Africa is never mentioned.

4. Liberals say that human beings do not inherit intelligence or temperament, both of which are determined entirely by environment, while sexual orientation is completely hard-wired and hereditary. I could go on and on, but let's turn to a professional.

This is from Stuart Schneiderman's blog at

Double Standardism

Everyone knows that politicians and pundits on the left operate according to a double standard.

A fault, even a trivial fault committed by a conservative or a Republican becomes a crime against humanity. The same or even more egregious fault committed by a liberal or a Democrat becomes trivial.

Prime examples: Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton.

Also, think about what would have happened to a conservative media executive if he had ever spoken of President Obama with disparaging, racist language… as Amy Pascal, head of Sony pictures did.

Is there any doubt that if Pascal had been a Republican the hue and cry would have forced her out of her job by now? As of today, it looks as though she will survive.

Pascal has job security because media figures and politicians do not judge liberals and conservatives according to the same standards.

Pascal adheres to the correct ideology. She and her Hollywood friends give gobs of money to the Democratic Party. She is one of them. In her world, being one of them counts for a great deal.

When former San Diego Clippers owner Donald Sterling was exposed for having made racist remarks in private, Oprah denounced his “plantation mentality.”

When Amy Pascal’s emails were exposed, Oprah counseled against a “rush to judgment.”

Jonah Goldberg has explained the double standard succinctly:

If you work from the dogmatic assumption that liberalism is morally infallible and that liberals are, by definition, pitted against sinister and — more importantly — powerful forces, then it’s easy to explain away what seem like double standards. Any lapse, error, or transgression by conservatives is evidence of their real nature, while similar lapses, errors, and transgressions by liberals are trivial when balanced against the fact that their hearts are in the right place.

Despite controlling the commanding heights of the culture — journalism, Hollywood, the arts, academia, and vast swaths of the corporate America they denounce — liberals have convinced themselves they are pitted against deeply entrenched powerful forces and that being a liberal is somehow brave. Obama, the twice-elected president of the United States, to this day speaks as if he’s some kind of underdog.

I don’t want to take anything away from Goldberg’s excellent insight, but I would add that liberalism functions like a church that hands out indulgences… dare I say, liberally.

Those who belong to the church of modern liberalism can get away with things that a conservative, even a mere mortal never could. Surely, it's a persuasive recruiting tool.
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  1. The author is much to kind to liberals.

  2. The author is MUCH too kind to Judas Goldberg. Goldberg is as much a Social Justice Warrior as Barry Obola is. Don't believe me? Ask John Derbyshire. Goldberg and fellow marxist Dick Lowry purged Derbyshire for having the temerity to write the Truth about what white parents must teach their children in these United Suckling States of America. Quoting Goldberg approvingly is fundamentally no different from quoting Nasty Pelosi approvingly. Both Goldberg and Pelosi are strongly committed to the complete destruction of the America founded and built by white Protestant Christian men and their families. Goldberg and Pelosi differ ONLY in the preferred method of destruction.

    Stan D Mute