Tuesday, December 9, 2014

White Privilege, Yeah, Right

One to pass around:


  1. Exactly. It is part of the ever changing Multi-Cult tactics. The White Guilt mantra has been losing ground so they switched to this so called White Privilege however that is not getting the returns they wanted so the latest is they are claiming it is something exclusive to Rich Whites. If they can get it to stick then they can slowly lower the bar once again but that message is being rejected too.

  2. When someone tells me to "check my white privilege" I respond by saying; "Control your Marxism" for the concept of white privilege is right out of the Cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School of Social Criticism.

  3. If you were white 300 years ago half your children died before the age of 12 and your wife probably died giving birth and you lived to be 28 when you died of a tooth infection.