Thursday, December 11, 2014

Idiot White Liberals

There are two basic kinds of White liberals: The naive and the dishonest. The naive are the ones you encounter all the time, who form their opinions from what the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) tells them, and not from their own experience and reason. Indeed, most White liberals do their best to avoid experience with Blacks and have a vicarious media-relationship with the Obama family instead. That's what they're for, after all.  And then of course you have the dishonest ones, who know damn well what the reality is, but who lie about it. Most White liberal politicians fall into this category.

Naive White liberals, of course, are weird, believing that Blacks and other minorities are going to be so grateful for their approval that they'll be absolutely safe among them. Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Here's the story of one of those, from Alternative Right:


There has been a lot of competition for the much-coveted Alternative RightIdiot of the Month Award recently, with special efforts being made by white, liberal, anti-police-brutality protesters, keen to show solidarity with the "Black Community" but somehow getting roughed up in the process.

The most laughable example to emerge so far is that of an elderly bearded man in Berkeley California, who was keen to demonstrate that not only was he a sensitive White man who felt the pain of his Black brothers, but also a keen cyclist!

Wearing a cycling helmet and a home-made protest T-shirt with the slogan "Cops: Stop Killing Black Men," he certainly stood out among the be-hooded "youths" that he had foolishly chosen to ally himself with. Things took a nasty turn when he tried to assert his "white privilege" in order to stop them looting a Radio Shack to instead focus on the much more important business of his moral posturing. One hammer blow to the head later, the bearded, Black-loving, bicycle-riding burk from Berkeley was one idiot award richer, but alas none the wiser.
Go here to see the original and to watch a video about it.

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