Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Greatest Headline Ever!

You've heard this before if you've been reading this blog very long, but it's worth repeating that our laughable immigration policy is the exact opposite of what it ought to be. That is, a country's government's policy on immigration, like its policy on all issues, should be determined by the best interests of that country. And that's the country as a whole, not the interests of big shots who want cheap labor for union-busting and wage repression, all the way from mega-farmers to silicon valley.

But, when the liberals and neocons agitate for more immigration, and amnesty for the illegals, they only offer the vague argument that immigration is 'good for the economy,' which means, as I said above, that immigrants will drive wages down which is good for the big shots. All their other arguments are about how good immigration is for the immigrants, which is almost a tautology, since they overwhelmingly volunteer to come here. But, that's not what policy should be based on, I repeat.

That's what all the rules seem to emphasize, though. You can be admitted as a refugee if you can prove that you'll be better off here, which is probably true for 3/4 of the human species. This can be based on simple economics, meaning that you're poor and will be less poor if you immigrate, or various theories of 'persecution' — The Tsarnaev clan, if you didn't know, was brought in mostly because they 'feared persecution' back in the old country. Steve Sailer pointed that out. And speaking of Steve Sailer, and illustrating this point better than anything else, I give you the Headline of the Week, from Steve's site here:

New Frontiers of Intersectionality: "Democrats Demand Better Protections for Transgender Illegal Immigrant Children"

Quibcag: Illustrated, I believe by Lucky Star (らき☆すた RakiSuta)

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