Monday, November 3, 2014

Voter Fraud and Voter Suppression

I'm sure you've heard the latest liberal meme, that requiring voter ID is voter suppression. This is interesting. By that logic, if you require an ID for any activity, you are effectively suppressing that activity. Renting videos, riding airplanes, checking library books out, buying anything at all from anybody, practically. And of course we all know that other countries — notably Mexico — require ID for voting and have done so for some time. The only reason for doing so, of course, is to make sure that the person casting the ballot is who he says he is. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. And to the authorities in most countries. Just not to Obama people.

Of course, they don't want voter ID because that would make voter fraud more difficult and harder to get away with. Also, as the quibcag suggests, many Democratic voters are too stupid or lazy to get around to getting an ID before election day.

Oh, along with the "suppression" meme is the assertion that voter fraud hardly happens at all, is very rare, etc. One Democrat assured me that this was the case, and even linked me to a SLATE ARTICLE that "proved" that voter fraud was negligible because very few people have been convicted of it lately. Catch that? If you don't get caught, or, if caught, you don't get convicted, that proves it never happened.

Even buying into that, the fact is that it does happen, and I pointed out THIS INCIDENT in Ohio. My Democrat friend countered with the fact that she couldn't have cast enough fraudulent ballots to change the outcome of the election. So it's no big deal and, I guess, should be legal. That same logic, of course, is an excellent argument against voting at all, because how often does one vote change the results of an election?

And, finally, I got the argument from him that the Constitution guarantees the right to vote to everybody (it doesn't), and therefore, it's unConstitutional to require an ID to vote, which makes no sense, because the ID is in part at least needed to insure that the voter is in fact a citizen and resident of the constituency he's voting in.

But to hell with that. If Democrats had their way, illegal aliens would be granted the right to vote immediately. Not that they're not doing so anyway. In one case at least, it seems that that kind of voter fraud can change an election. See:

And maybe Matt Bailey is right.


  1. You should be required to present the same ID to vote that you need to buy a gun.Both are tools of individual freedom and sovereignty.

  2. Voting and democracy are ridiculous notions. If it displeases those in power ($$$) a federal judge will change it.

    Monarchy, baby!