Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Problem with the Churches

I have mixed feelings about Christianity. I always have. For one thing I grew up in the Bible Belt but not in a religious family, so I was never really attracted to the fundamentalist side of Christianity, and I soon found out that mainstream Protestantism was pretty much just a wing of liberalism at best, and of Marxism at worst. This isn't quite as true of Catholicism, but it's true enough. On the other hand, most of what I do believe in either had its origin in (or was modified and shaped by) Christianity over the history of Western Civilization. Most of my morality is Christian in origin, except that Christians of today, at least, tend to run it into the ground.

An acquaintance of mine at work, many years ago, was a fundamentalist Christian, and talked about her church and what it taught now and then, and most of it made a lot of sense. The morality, whatever its rationale, was pretty much what you'd come up with based on pure common sense and Charles Darwin, and while I simply am not a believer, her church sounded like a group of people I could get along with. Then, one day, she dropped a bombshell. She was all excited because her church was sponsoring an African to come to the United States and study or go to a seminary or preach or something. Suddenly, all the common sense fell to pieces. One thing we do not need is African immigrants, no matter whether they think they're Christians or anything else. Their effect will be just like all African immigrants — they'll sooner or later, if not immediately, join the movement to bring down Western Civilization and the White race. And, eventually, they'll destroy the very church that brought them in. That's what Africans do.

So until the churches give up their self-destructive obsessions, they'll have to do without me, as much as I admire historical Christianity.  Matt Treasonous Bailey sums up the situation quite well in this guest post:

The problem with the churches, in a nutshell

You've got members of what most people call the American "Conservative Middle Class", but are more properly referred to as the Non-Marxist Productive Class. They are the foundations of this nation and this civilization. They are in a war for survival against parasites and crypto-Trotskyites, the lovely folks who think the Bill of Rights is "an outdated charter of negative liberties" and who want to exterminate much of the population and crowd the rest into massive tenements, A.K.A. U.N. Agenda 21. But guess what? At least 50% of them believe that nothing CAN get better and Jesus is going to be here soon anyway. This is not an attitude that leads to one's best foot being put forward in a struggle. Then thar prophecies are oft self-fulfilling!

Often they pour their money and effort into things like trying to get Turd worlders to mouth "Jesus" instead of "Umbagwa!" as they sacrifice their chickens, as opposed to maybe staying in their own country and working to prevent it from becoming the Turd world, through such proven methods as NOT letting our own Turd world imports dominate the culture.

Because many totally reject biological evolution, they tend have a terminal case of the disease xenophillia, better known as "tolerance", except sometimes when it comes to homosexuals. Never mind that the fruits at least contributed Renaissance art and brunch to Western civilization...

(During the Katrina aftermath, I collected many horror stories from churches that made the mistake of taking in that which the slums of New Orleans had vomited forth. Well, you leave food out, you get rats and roaches.)

They refuse to let us separate ourselves from the monstrous and unsolvable quagmire that is Israel and the Middle East. Apparently they are not even slightly suspicious when an ancient book written by Jews conveniently declares Jews to be the "Chosen" people.

And lest we forget, it was the bloody churches who allied themselves with the shrill, demented, harpy suffragettes of the Temperance movement to get liquor banned, even though that good elixir is the only thing that makes a nation that consists of Fundies to my right and Commies to my left tolerable.

I like personal and economic liberty. I like a government that isn't constantly bankrupting us by fighting a "war" on something, whether it be liquor, poverty, drugs, or dusty countries. I like quiet and crime-free neighborhoods where the laws that do matter are actually enforced, as opposed to a culture which constantly kowtowing to the must criminal and uncouth 13% of the population. I like my own branch of the human species, White or Nordic man. I think we as a group are responsible for civilization and our continued survival is the only thing that will keep Western civilization going. And quite frankly, I'm not sure mainstream Christianity in the United States is particularly helpful on any of these issues. Tell me I'm wrong.
Quibcag: What better symbol of Western Civilization (and what we need to preserve it) than a crusader? The illustration is from


  1. I admire the physical achievements of Christianity no, I love those achievements be it Protestant,Catholic or anywhere in between.

    Great art, architecture, music. I mean the great art and sculpture of the Renaissance, the glorious music of Bach, thousands of churches, the language of The kihg James Bible. I love all this without believing a word of the doctrine of any branch of Christianity.

  2. I doubt that early Christians would consider the modern variants as anything but heretics. By the Seventh Century, the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches had both moved away from plain meaning to allegorical interpretation of Scripture. Despite efforts to return to its roots, Christianity's holy book became a set of flexible guidelines. This created "holes" in the fabric of social control that allowed science to emerge.

    The Reformation accelerated this by fragmenting Christianity into squabbling cults that were still able to suppress heretical thinking but in much smaller regions. Because the various flavors of Christianity only slightly agreed on what was allowed and forbidden, those heretical "natural philosophers" had even greater latitude to pursue the truth.

    Christianity contributed much to Western Civilization but, perhaps, its greatest contribution was its failure to remain true to its origins.

  3. My Christianity is explained here

  4. You might be interested in the following article from Faith & Heritage,a site that I believe you'll find to be a welcome departure from the sort of modern,quasi-Christianity you are rightly skeptical of:

    "Heresy in the Modern Church" by Nathanael Strickland,October 30,2014

  5. I will admit that modern Christianity is failing but it was largely an act of self-neutering. Many pastors began falling away from sound doctrine in the 60's and it's only gotten worse since then. I am absolutely certain that the liberalization of America is a direct result of the shifting message coming out of pulpits. After all, what could be more liberal than feel-good messages with no basis in reality?