Monday, November 3, 2014

Special Honors for the Self-Destructive

Others have been pointing out for some time that heroism today does not consist of selfless risks to protect or rescue others, or valor in battle. To hell with that boring stuff. True heroism is telling everybody that you're a homosexual and having a hissy-fit if you're insufficiently loved and respected for it. Heroism is (if you're Black) attacking people at random and getting yourself killed trying to murder them, especially cops. And risking your life to treat plague victims used to be enough to be heroic, but now it's not heroic until you come home with the disease yourself with the possibility of infecting everybody else.

And if you think "recognition and honors" is an exaggeration, just read this piece from Steve Sailer:
Honor Tolkien or Single Mums? Birmingham (UK) Decides
Quibcag: The pregnant schoolgirl is by dorkycats

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  1. I have many mixed race kin, Nothing special about it, definitely not anything heroic. My heroes are Roy Benavidez, Randy Shughart, and Gary Gordon. so are Manning and Snowden, based on the assumption that they had a confused idea of what their patriotic duty was. I have no use for people who consider deliberate treason (not confused ideas of what patriotism demands). I consider Xuxa brave, not heroic, for refusing to claim manna as a victim or doing a tell all apology for being victimized. Guess I'm living in the wrong world.