Thursday, November 27, 2014

Feminism: Silly or Just Wrongheaded?

Both, actually. Most feminists are just silly, especially feminist leaders, who mix their silliness with a generous portion of evil. But some feminists, especially the ones who don't seem automatically flaky about everything, are just wrongheaded. And that means that they have good instincts and decent reasoning power but lack the facts to apply them to in order to come to sensible conclusions. This is actually true of a lot of liberals. They've had lies fed to them as facts, and actual facts hidden from them, so of course they're going to come to erroneous ideas about things. The lies include the whole human equality/blank slate concept, which states that all human beings have the potential to be equal in intellect and temperament, an idea so breathtakingly unscientific as to appeal to only those who have been protected from facts and logic for their whole lives. And a special case of the "equality" lie is that there are no intrinsic differences in the thinking and behavior of the human sexes, and that all such differences are caused by environment.  But these are the lies that we all breathe in daily, courtesy of the MAG (Media, Academia, Government), so why should we be surprised that liberals in general and feminists in particular, believe them?

Anyhow, simply dismissing all feminists as silly/evil might be a mistake and is certainly not productive. Lysander Swooner, over at The Right Stuff, expands on this notion:

Feminism Exists. . .

But only in Western nations and due to their inherent egalitarian natures. Is it not the epitome of irony that the only societies where feminism can persist are the very ones that do not need it? Perhaps, but I believe that we can go deeper and find an even more biting irony.

In order to make progress in an honest discussion about this issue, I’m going to ask readers to ease back into their office chairs and read with an open mind. I’m sure that some will accuse me of “iron knighting” but I really don’t care. I’m going to speak the truth as I see it. I’m looking to speak directly to other men on the right, not to troll feminists, but to actually explore the phenomenon that is feminism.
So take off your manly Rightist coxcomb and put away your snappy repertoire of kitchen jokes for a moment. Only for a moment though, I’m not asking you to lose focus on rhetoric, goal, or intention. I only ask that you lower your guard enough to get in touch with your Occidental vag.


In other cultures, women are seen purely as brood mares. We are all aware of how rape is treated in Islamist law. Women are not allowed to drive, all decisions are made by men, their genitals are mutilated in youth, and “honor killings” are common. Rape in Africa is a de facto rule and women there are just as often butchered in the streets. Many of these states will make pretenses toward justice but that is all it is. Northeast Asia, as is usual, proves an exception and has a native homeostasis as the women care as little about gender relations as the men do. In most countries, women maintain a status as property of men. Any group of women attempting to change the status quo are met with harsh retaliation in most nonwhite countries.

Fairness to the fairer sex will intensify with proximity to Western nations and increased white admixture or demographics. So it is the whiter a country, moderated in part by culture, the more tolerant of absurdist and detrimental feminist arguments. Interestingly, and for the wrong reasons, better balances between gender egalitarianism and traditional gender roles will be found in these medial nations.
Before you slip that coxcomb back on in pride of being ein Westlichen Menschen, reflect for a moment of all that we have accomplished. Just think about the character and strength, intelligence and ability allowing Western men to dominate in all true civilized pursuits. Swell triumphant with the philosophical and metaphysical accomplishments possessed of minds not too dissimilar to your own. Traditions that continue to confound and bedazzle the minds of those in far off lands millennia hence. Turn through the pages of history and witness tyrants fall where they might have succeeded in other domains. Political movement, revolution, crusade, break through, war, masses of men carefully organized, and carnage in a perpetual struggle for balance and control.
Now, how the hell is it that we allow our women to run amok in our societies? Brought to our knees after all these years and after all we’ve accomplished? If you say it’s purely on account of Western man’s magnanimity, you’re fooling yourself and you’d better hope it’s not true as it would mean we are past largesse in the deep waters of abysmal weakness. It is not weakness though, at least not wholly.

The Problem

It is not only the Sons of Western man that have inherited strength and persistence but the Daughters as well. Western women have become prisoners of misdirected transcendence to male roles and, admittedly, they do it better than men of other societies. Regardless of your opinion of religion, our societies have left a vacuum of power in the dispossession of tradition. We are living in a time where man has been befuddled by liberal altruism, ran afoul of original intent and directed toward strangers. Foolishly replacing guarded kindness with foolish generosity. Western man, in this spiritually deprived age, has left a vacuum himself as a result and Western woman has taken up the mantle of power and revolution in his stead.
They are locked in a state of fear, just as Western men had been before taking up arms against tyrants in bygone ages. They have chosen as their enemy white men because, in their struggle for balance, they cannot find their rightful place. They see something is wrong yet they know not what. The narrative, the explanation for what went wrong, has been set by others and it is not favorable to us. Men had revolted with a solid understanding of duty and clearly defined functions for the particles of nation. Women can only emulate the functions of men and cannot, in their fervor, envision a place for men in the new order they struggle to create. A woman without a conscientious man, to give direction and purpose, is a miserable wretch just as a man without a dutiful woman, to give solace and comfort, is a sorrowful beast.
White women are of a higher value, attested by their strength and persistence despite being misguided. Men, do not hate your women for what they had no agency in creating, reserve your bile for the traitorous men amongst you. This state of affairs did not take place overnight. It has been a slow, progressive ebb and flow. Every small step back by men has been taken in turn by them. They press more for the same reasons men have always pressed the boundaries where they have smelled weakness. Being of strong constitution, we cannot blame our women for instinctively grasping for any semblance of control that may manifest as we slide evermore into decline.

With liberalist theoretical reduction of all values down to “rights,” we can begin to see the appeal and how the misunderstanding happened. You become aware of how one could grow confused and conflate “rights” with fulfillment. Many of you reading this are neoreactionaries and familiar enough with this conflation to understand the dynamic in action. You will never convince feminists to abjure without real world action and change. Arguing with them on their own terms or mocking them is only mental masturbation.

A Solution

The inappropriate reaction to feminism is attempting to enact complete servitude upon women. The beauty of Western civilization is in the harmony and symmetry of life promised to its inheritors. Our women want fulfillment and they deserve it.
In light of all this, taking identical stances toward our superior women that barbaric societies do to their inferior and incapable women is not the proper reaction to feminism. It is not even in our nature, which is why we are losing. As fun as you might think it is, we cannot win by simply mocking them with images of female serfdom. This only legitimizes their delusion of white males as tyrants to be destroyed. Above and beyond anything else, such a model is dysgenic.
Would you trade strong mothers for weak consorts? Would you wish a heritage of subservience upon your children?
When a wise king looks upon his kingdom and sees strife and anger, he will not recklessly attack them for their rebellion. That would be imprudent, selfish, and unproductive. Neither would he immediately submit to their demands without considering his options because that would be a cowardly action unfitting of a ruler.
He would recognize the confusion early on and attempt to understand their plight. Once the problem is identified, he takes corrective measures in the least destructive manner possible. This is the primary distinction between a benevolent leader and a tyrant. He cannot govern his own people the way he might attack his enemies.
We must concentrate our energies on other men, not to teach them to be misogynists but real conscientious shepherds and stewards. This is no easy task, as few worthy efforts are, but it is the only way to reverse the damage that has been done to our society. When we have enough leverage, we can then begin to create the institutions by which we might reeducate our women on the desirable status of the consummate nurturer and caretaker. In our fight for restoring Western traditions, we must not lose sight of what made it beautiful and what we know is Right.
Go here for the original, and to see some appropriate illustrations:
Quibcag: The illustration is a couple from Denkigai no Hon'ya-san (デンキ街の本屋さん?, lit. "The Electric Town's Bookstore"), who could go either way.


  1. Silly or just wrong-headed?

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