Thursday, October 2, 2014

What's Wrong With Higher Education?

Well, the same thing that's wrong with education in general. Much of it isn't education at all, but political and social indoctrination. That's not only useless in itself, but it also uses up resources and students' time that could actually be used to teach something. Worse than useless, it's counterproductive. Also, it ensures the presence on campus of more stupid people, both in the faculty and the student body, to dumb down the academic atmosphere all the more. And Lord knows it's dumb enough already.

This, from the Irish Savant:

Universities are dying. Long live the universities

I’ve been close to the American academic scene for several decades and did a stint at UI Champaign which provided me with the opportunity to visit Africa a few hours up the road. To me the universities there were quite simply the best. Due mostly to their vast financial resources but there was also a tremendous openness to new ideas and non-conformist thought. The whole purpose of a university, I guess.

The decline in the intervening years has been staggering and here’s why.

They’ve downgraded real academic courses in science, engineering and IT in favour of Black Studies, Womens' Studies, Gay and Lesbian Studies, all of which are exercises in racial and/or gender grievance mongering masquerading as scholarship.

They’re corrupting and degrading course material in the interests of a socio-political agenda (Take a guess which agenda that is).

They pander to minorities by lowering standards, at admission initially, then, when said minorities can’t handle the coursework, seeing them through to ‘graduation’, come hell or high water.

There’s been an explosion in the proportion of resources allocated to bureaucracy, particularly to ‘diversity’ and all its ghastly manifestations. Again at the expense of real learning.

White males, especially those from modest socio-economic backgrounds, have been systematically excluded, to be replaced by poorer quality AA intakes

More insidiously, the free and fearless exchange of ideas has become a thing of the past. Cultural Marxism and its running dog of political correctness now define what can and cannot be said. This has devastating consequences, much like under Stalin and it will have similar consequences.

But happily, it’s all about to come crashing down. Education in the USA will be a bubble like those of dotcom and housing infamy. You see millions of ‘graduates’ with these useless ‘degrees’ are unemployed, or working as waiters. When the Federal Reserve's endless money printing inevitably 'tapers' the employment opportunities for Diversity Co-ordinators’ and Equality Officers will rapidly dry up. Then in stark outline the real bubble will appear: Student debt. Look at the figures. They are horrendous.

Finally there’s distance learning via the Internet. Why, assuming you’re a White male that is, borrow yourself into penury for an on-campus degree when you can get the equivalent for 10% of the price?

It’s a perfect storm. If the Fed keeps the printing presses rolling at the current rate it’ll postpone the denouement for a while longer. But that’s all. The configuration of the elements leaves room for only one outcome, the devastation of the university system as presently constituted and in particular the parasitical social "sciences".

Hopefully after the whole rotten structure comes crashing down the universities will rebuild into what they were before they were suborned. This will lead to a stronger and better America, a merit-based education system focusing on things that matter, one where the Diversity Industry and the cosseting of grievance-fueled minorities will be seen as just a temporary – if hugely costly – episode of insanity.
Quibcag: Illustration from Nichijou (日常).

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