Saturday, October 4, 2014

Unca Bob on Ebola

We still have idiots applauding the open borders idea, that anybody who wants in should be welcomed to the United States and given heaps of bennies ASAP. If they have ebola, hey, stuff happens, and we all have Obamacare, right? African President, African disease. What did you expect?  This from Unca Bob's Treehouse.

Yay for Ebola!

First of all, I have a smallpox vaccination scar on my left bicep. Many of you don't.I'm sorry about the people who have died from Ebola, but then, many Africans aren't the cleanest people and believe in witchcraft. We can't do anything about that (both HIV and Ebola are from Africa.)
And I'm sorry for the foolish Americans who went to Africa and got it.
But what it has done is bring to awareness that we don't need any immigrants from the Third World. None.
They have not brought anything useful to the U.S., just death, destruction, drunk driving, rape, theft, murder - and disease.
Of course, court-jester economists have lied through their teeth, trying to convince us these people are a benefit.
Finally, Americans just might be waking up to the fact that these people don't belong here, and will do nothing but destroy our country.
Let's see how the open borders whackos spin this one. While their scratching their Third World bedbugs and wondering if their cough might be tuberculous. And I've got - what? - smallpox?Bubonic plague? I thought those were eradicated!

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