Saturday, October 18, 2014

Too Cool to Restrict African Flights

To Obama, an "expert" is any Obama supporter, especially a political flack or fund-raiser. This from:

Obama Claims 'Experts' Told Him 'What We're Doing' is FAR More Effective than Any Africa Travel Ban

First Dear Leader told us we couldn't ban travel from east African nations with Ebola victims lying rotting in the streets because it would 'hamper aid efforts'... like the United States of America doesn't have an Air Force or anything-

NOW the story goes that his bungling, incompetent administration's reactive,
paralyzed-by-some-racial-narrative response to the crisis is 'more effective' according to 'experts in the field' that he's consulted.

And you know what Obama 'experts' look like.

But as Churchill once said, 'No matter how beautiful the strategy, one should at least occasionally look at the results'... indeed.

I can understand him not wanting to cut ties with land of his birth and all... but since when did 'what we're doing' and a flight ban become mutually exclusive? What kind of BS argument is that?
See the whole thing and more here:

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