Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Nanny State Strikes Again!

Guest post from Dru Forseti

You have all probably seen this now infamous picture of the so called "Teen Bonnie and Clyde" taken in the living room of "Clyde's" parent's home. The story behind this picture (and this is the short version) is that these two teens were preparing to attend a school dance and dad decided to take some pictures of the couple to remember the event. At some point, someone thought it would be cool to have them pose with toy guns that are only capable of firing plastic BB style ammunition.

The couple then attended their dance, returned home and after the weekend was over, returned to school on Monday. While at school, the two were ordered to the principal's office where they were subjected to interrogation by the police and had their persons and lockers searched. The search turned up nothing illegal and the interrogation revealed nothing. At no time were the children allowed to contact their parents nor was a child advocate present during the interrogation.

The police determined that the two represented no threat at all and the children were given a 10 day suspension and sent home. They may not return to school until the School Board hearing scheduled for after the detention is served.

Is this a case of the public school district asserting authority over what happens in the privacy of a person's home? Is it an overreaction on the part of the Principal? Is it a precaution necessary to ensure these two don't pose a threat to the students at the school in light of the rash of school shootings the country is currently experiencing?

What do you think?


  1. Sue school district in question out of existence,

  2. There would be discussions with lawyers.....Nobody talks to my kid without me being there....Period. The School over-reacted big time....