Friday, October 17, 2014

The Biden Family — Corrupt Scumbags

From draft-dodger to US Navy direct commission with no need to go to
basic training and thrown out for cocaine use in one generation! The great
American dream!
You can read all about Hunter Biden, Joe's little boy, HERE, and how he got two goddam waivers to get into the Naval Reserve, one for his age, another for the fact that he's a druggie. And do note that he of course didn't have to go to boot camp, like the rest of us proles, but took a two-week class in saluting or something instead. Also, read about how, while in the Naval Reserve, he "joined the board" of a Ukrainian gas company to help the banksters loot the place. And also about how the White House said they didn't seen any conflict of interest. Hell, no. Well, I guess he just couldn't stay away from the nose candy, because the Navy finally has had enough of him and thrown his sorry ass out. Sorry for getting emotional, but they drafted me back when, and I did have to go through basic training, as my father wasn't Vice President. "Kicked out" hardly seems appropriate. I'd say a few years at Leavenworth might be more to the point.

For a less emotional treatment of this, go to the ever-cool Steve Sailer.
Veep's 44-year-old Son Caught Coked-Up

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  1. Entitled Aged druggie behaves as entitle aged druggie. Color me shocked!