Monday, October 13, 2014

Some Libertarians Prefer Trayvon to Charles Martel.

About fifteen minutes after I put up that last post in praise of Charles Martel, I get this wildly politically correct (and mostly irrelevant) reaction on, of all place, a libertarian discussion group:

Emotive, biased mythologised history. It was not all fun and games in the Western Hemisphere . Ask any descendent of a negro slave, Women's rights are still a struggle, it is only in recent times in the USA that a man could be prosecuted for raping his own wife. Quit with the mythohistory and cherry picking.

I replied:

I knew some politically correct cultural Marxism would follow. Libertarianism seems to be polluted with it lately. Too bad.

And then another "libertarian" reacted to my reply:

What, pray tell, is "Cultural Marxism?" I think we can all agree that slavery is bad, and all adults having the right to vote is good, no? And we can agree that women being considered property is bad, correct?

Now, if you haven't, read the original post, and if you possibly can, tell me how that first reaction is relevant? It's not, of course, but is simply the same knee-jerk hippy-dippy anti-Western blather that we're used to getting from liberals. Basically, the first guy used my post as an excuse or an occasion to prove that he Thinks The Right Way. Maybe the word 'history' triggered it. When he hears the word he knows that it's time to badmouth Western civilization and all our ancestors, and reject anything but the most trendy leftist interpretations of history. The fact that Martel was instrumental in preventing the destruction of our civilization and its possible replacement with Islamic civilization doesn't seem to have registered in his mind, but instead made him channel his inner Howard Zinn.

And the second commenter, of course, is either an ignoramus who actually doesn't know what 'cultural Marxism' is, or he's being ludicrously disingenuous about it and requiring that I chant some cultural Marxist dogma with him before he'll condescend to discuss this further.

And to hell with Charles Martel for these "libertarians." As far as they're concerned, the real heroes are Martin Luther King, Trayvon, and the guy with the gun-sandwich, and whichever feminist idiot is currently trending.

With libertarians like this, who needs liberals?


  1. They know so damn little and talk so damn much that their words have no meaning.


  2. Whats scary is they are the ones picking the history books for our children. Changing history one indoctrinated mind at a time until it becomes fact.

  3. I find it puzzling that, while you champion what you think of as Western Civilization, you so often use images produced by Japanese Civilization. Isn't Western cheesecake art good enough for you?

    1. Certainly it's good enough. But a great civilization incorporates features of other civilizations when it's appropriate to do so and when it is a positive enhancement.

  4. It's a good thing that these liberTARDian type "libertarians" are a non-entity outside the internet.

    1. It is a comforting thing that you say. They are a tiny bunch. Low-church libertarians outnumber them overwhelmingly.