Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Liberty, Equality, Siblingatry!

Even back in the Sixties, when I was a young punk, I noticed that all the local Marxists carried briefcases instead of lunchboxes. The theory that communist revolution would spring from the working classes didn't pan out at all. On the contrary, it sprang almost exclusively from the nonworking classes, mainly from the elite academic world, with the shock troops recruited from the student body and the welfare recipient bloc.

Now, of course, we're further than ever from that working class idea. The American working class is mostly pretty anti-Marxist and for a long time now has been voting for the Wallaces and Nixons and Reagans, with occasional surges back to the Democrats when they manage to look conservative for a few weeks leading up to the election. Being southern helps with that.

Marxism is no longer concerned with the "common man" at all. On the contrary, the common man is some kind of reactionary bigot to be opposed. Nowadays, the heroes of Marxism are not members of the majority, but minorities, ever more finely-chopped minorities.

Steve Sailer describes how Marxism has been turned inside out, stood on its head, and turned into an exclusive, elitist movement with no room for Joe Lunchbucket any more. From:

Oppression Juicing

Liberals such as Barack Obama increasingly rely upon a verbal crutch of asserting that their opponents are on “the wrong side of history.” This neo-Marxist hand-waving phrase grew from 524 occurrences in news articles in 2006 to 1,800 last year.

The “wrong side of history” claim became a cliché during World War G over gay marriage, and now is taken for granted in the ongoing World War T (2013-?) over all things “transgender.”

As in every quasi-Marxist revolution, though, the old Bolsheviks are in danger of being chewed up and spat out by the new. For example, consider the unintentionally hilarious New York Times Magazine article “When Women Become Men at Wellesley,” by Ruth Padawer. At women’s colleges today, the lesbians who were long the engineers of human souls are getting shoved aside for being on the wrong side of history by even butcher “trans-men” juicing on prescription testosterone:

Trans students are pushing their schools to play down the women-centric message. At Wellesley, Smith, Mount Holyoke and others, they and their many supporters have successfully lobbied to scrub all female references in student government constitutions, replacing them with gender-neutral language. At Wellesley, they have pressed administrators and fellow students to excise talk of sisterhood, arguing that that rhetoric, rather than being uplifting, excludes other gender minorities. At many schools, they have also taken leadership positions long filled by women: resident advisers on dorm floors, heads of student groups and members of college government.

The Marxist roots of the “wrong side of history” phrase are obvious, but what’s striking is how today’s neo-Marxists have flipped Marx’s pyramid of power upside down. The left now assumes the direction of history is rightfully moving in the exact opposite path of what Karl Marx championed. Instead of priding themselves on siding with the “workers of the world,” they root for transgender CEOs.

While Marx claimed his science of history proved that power would inevitably devolve from the aristocratic few to the bourgeois many to the proletarian masses, today’s conventional wisdom assumes that the whip hand should belong to ever more microscopic minorities, such as Ebola-bearing Liberians and the infinitesimally small number of Seven Sisters students who suffer from Freudian penis envy.

Marx’s logic of class warfare was at least straightforward: in the long run, the side with the larger numbers would naturally win. If all men are created equal, then how can the working-class millions not triumph? (Along the way to the dictatorship of the proletariat, however, the poor dumb brutes would need a guiding hand from those of us who are more equal than others: the vanguard elite of professional infallible geniuses such as Marx, Lenin, and Stalin.)

While Marx’s science of history was fermenting, actual scientists such as Francis Galton began to study empirically just how equal all men are. This led to a growing suspicion that systems for identifying and recruiting the most intelligent people from all classes and backgrounds, such as standardized testing, could create a self-perpetuating caste system in which clever elites have little to fear from rebellions by the leaderless masses.

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