Friday, October 24, 2014


If you've tried to comment here and it didn't show up, sorry. I had my Blogspot settings at "always moderate," so as to avoid spam showing up, and it promised it would email moderation requests to me. It hasn't been. So some comments show up, and today I found a lot of them awaiting moderation and approved them, but I wasn't notified.

I'd like to keep it on moderation, because some spam that shows up is pretty horrifying, but can anybody tell me how to make this thing actually notify me when I need to moderate? Thanks. I have it temporarily set to "don't moderate" till I find out.


  1. On mine I go to Settings, then Posts and Comments. There's a fill- in block there for an e-mail address to send moderation requests to. I have it filled in with my most used e-mail address and it works for me. I get notified.

    One possible difference is I checked to button to moderate "Sometimes" and specified comments for posts older than 3 days. That seems to be sufficient as most spam is posted on posts older than 3 days, often much older than 3 days. Sometimes years old posts.

    1. I just now set this the same way. Thanks!