Saturday, October 18, 2014

Horton Hears an Ebola Virus

From: Judy Priory Cromer


I am so mad, I am so sad.
How did things ever get so bad?
Obama said, “No need to worry,
no need to rush, no need to hurry
No need to cry, no need to fear
Ebola isn’t coming here.
No need to fret, no need to care
About this silly Ebola scare
On a bus you will not catch Ebola
So take mass trans, and not your Corolla
You can not catch it on a plane
You can not catch it on a train
You can not catch it on the bus
Let me be clear, trust us, trust us.”
And then a few more weeks go by
He goes and give it one more try.
A patient dies, a nurse has caught it
“I don’t think the voters bought it.
So I’ll cancel today’s fundraising
And make a speech with guns a-blazing,
I’ll talk about the sick in Dallas
Right here, in the white house palace.
And I won’t be playing golf today
Eh, it’s raining anyway.
I’ll name a new Ebola czar
A lawyer…yes, he passed the bar
He’s not a doctor but you see
He’s been very loyal to me
He does not know about Ebola
He does not know shit from Shinola
We’ll give the base something to remember
So that they vote “D” in November
We will try it, the base will buy it
Dammit, Michelle, go on a diet!

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