Friday, October 10, 2014

Heartily Sick of Rand Paul

Is everybody as heartily sick of Rand Paul as I am? Now, I admit to a lot of affection for his dad, who has at least been consistent, and has been more or less blind to political correctness for most of his career in favor of thinking about things instead. He's even been halfway reasonable on immigration from time to time, a libertarian hot potato.

But Rand is falling all over himself to outdo the liberals and neocons when it comes to political correctness. He's more or less pledged allegiance to Israel and assured us all that he can get just as tangled up in the Middle East as the best of the neocon/liberals.

And now he's demonstrated that he can kiss ass even better than most politicians when it comes to 'civil rights' and the whole Black undertow movement.

The only reason for a politician to visit Ferguson is to tell the savages there to shut up and behave, and threaten them with retaliation if they don't. Pandering to their disfunction is the precise opposite of what he should be doing. You see, there are no 'civil rights leaders' — there are only civil rights charlatans, pimps, and scumbags.

You'll note, below, that everything Rand Paul says about the subject is dead wrong. It could be coming from Obama.

This from

Go Away

Rand Paul Visits Ferguson Ahead of Fresh Protests
Sen. Rand Paul met with civil rights leaders Friday in Ferguson, Missouri, the city torn apart by racial unrest following the August shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer. During his visit, the Republican Senator, who is seen as a likely presidential candidate, stated his concerns about long prison sentences for nonviolent crimes, the loss of voting rights for felons and military programs to give unused equipment to local police departments.
“I wanted to find out what we could do to make the situation better,” Paul said of his visit Friday.
A good first start would be for you to leave the political arena, so we hear a lot less n****r-loving bullshit from politicians.
Good thing for you that I didn’t know you were coming.  Otherwise, I would have been there to greet you with cool whip pies and rotten tomatoes.
Also, I was not aware that Michael Brown’s life ended on August 9 because the Ferguson P.D. sent out a legion of tanks, helicopters and machine gun infantry to kill him because he did a long stint in prison for a non-violent crime and therefore was not eligible to vote.
Quibcag: Chiaki of Bodacious Space Pirates (モーレツ宇宙海賊パイレーツ Mōretsu Pairētsu) has also had enough civil rights to last her awhile.

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