Friday, October 31, 2014

Gaming the Gaming Game

More insight on gaming from Matt Treasonous Bailey. I love the way he puts things.

Gamers tend to communicate in the same way that adolescent males engaged in competition have always communicated — through the worst insults they can think up. Because the majority, though by no means all, of these adolescents are *White* males, the political Left finds another pretext for getting their panties in a bunch. Now Sally COULD do something rational like saying "Those boys are so rude and crude! I think I'll go play with Jane and leave them to their silly game," but the overwhelming theme of the political Left is the right and duty to inflict your every little preference on anything and everyone. Note that while a White male using the word "Faggot!" or the like in a game is a crime against humanity, the kind of things you will hear said by ghetto Negros playing basketball, or "rapping" about rape and murder is a sacred cultural treasure and must not be questioned.
Quibcag: The illustration is from Sket Dance, スケット・ダンス. It just seems sort of 'left.'

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