Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ebola Victimology

The idea is to keep us off balance. When we think it might be time to object to the Government's program of allowing, nay, inviting plague-carriers in from Africa, and spending taxpayer money on them, we're blindsided by the accusation that we're not doing nearly enough for these people, and we owe them a lot more freebies and self-sacrifice. The sarcastic quibcag is not an exaggeration. We are being told that it's not enough to send our troops to
Africa to risk catching ebola, nor is it enough to welcome Africans in and give them free medical care. No, we must somehow give them better medical care than anything an American might get, because slavery or something.

You see, they don't give us time to object, because right away, with idiot accusations like that, we're thrown on the defensive, and feel that we have to explain that trying to keep from dying of plague isn't really a racist response. And that's a waste of time, because nobody cares what we say. Whites are here to be used, abused, and exploited.

Steve Sailer writes about the deceased Liberian's family plans to sue us for more money here:

And, of course, deep-thinking Black leaders like Farrakhan have gone that extra mile, and asserted that White people have actually created ebola to destroy the long-suffering African people, who'd build a utopia in Liberia and other places like that if we'd just leave them alone. Jim Goad describes that here:
Quibcag: One of the girls from Nichijou (日常) pretends to be indignant on behalf of the Africans.

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  1. As I mentioned elsewhere, liberia is a lovely staging area to send troops on their way to fight ISIL.