Friday, October 3, 2014

Ebola Is Good For You, or, What Doesn't Destroy Us Completely Makes Obama Stronger

Even the minnest of minarchists have to agree that if a government has any legitimate functions at all, they would include doing whatever is possible to prevent the entry into the country of hideous tropical plagues that could kill millions. That just goes to show you how wrong minarchists can be. Hell, no. Open borders for everybody. The function of the government is to harass George Zimmerman, take all your money to buy EBT cards for the Trayvons of the country. and fly Michelle's fat rear end all over the world to spas and other vacation spots to the tune of "Movin' On Up."

So forget about protecting us from ebola. It is to laugh. We're sending soldiers to Liberia in hopes that they'll all catch it and come home with it and spread it around, to show how badly we needed Obamacare in the first place. Interestingly, Israel, an actual country with borders and a government that looks out for the interests of its population, has declined to send its troops there to bring the disease back to Israel. Steve Sailer tries to wrap his head around this strange pro-Israel behavior on the part of the Israeli government HERE.

Elsewhere, the head of the Center for Disease Control, Dr. Tom Frieden, is assuring us that spreading ebola to the United States won't spread ebola to the United States, and that anybody who says otherwise is just a bigoted worry-wart, HERE.

Mangan speculates on the mental state of Dr. Frieden HERE.

And, you know, they've got things backwards, somehow. Liberia was founded as a place for American Blacks to migrate TO, not FROM. The idea was that if they were running their own affairs back in Africa.... Well, you've heard it all before. No. They're not going there. They're coming here from there, with all their nice diseases 'n' stuff. And it's our duty to let them in! No, more than that! We should send planes to pick them up! That's what you can read about here:

Fake “Ebola Expert” David Quammen Lies about Public Health Practices, and Asserts that “Because of Slavery,” Americans Must Permit African Ebola Carriers to Come Here, and Wipe Us Out

And you need to read this, too:

And if all that is too polemic for you, here's what the cool mind of Jerry Pournelle has to say about it all:

Quibcag: Yeah, not really a quibcag. The idea is, that's the Superman/Bizarro symbol on the Israeli flag, to show it's being Bizarro, i. e., behaving like a real country, in contrast to our idiotic, self-destructive behavior.

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