Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Branco on Soros

All over the net, especially on FaceBook, the lefties are playing the Koch Brothers card, slapping it down on the table as hard as they can. Fact: The Koch Brothers are fabulously wealthy, and contribute money to conservative and libertarian causes, some of which I like, and some of which I don't like — They're big on mass immigration, evidently. Other facts: Most fabulously wealthy types in this country are lefties, and contribute big money to liberal causes, which, one of my leftie friends says, isn't the same thing at all, because their heart is the right place.  So Soros can loot the Ukraine for his banker buddies all he likes, and the left is just going to applaud. You can argue about the causes the Koch Brothers support. Soros' causes are all evil. Google the bastard.

So as a public service I reprint Branco's cartoon, so you can slap it up when you see an anti-Koch meme. Might start a conversation. Might even enlighten a liberal, but don't hold your breath. See other Branco cartoons here:

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