Thursday, October 30, 2014

Black Resentment, and Other BS

You shouldn't need Steve Sailer to tell you what the fuss is all about. The drive to keep Ferguson alive — the liberal anti-White narrative about Ferguson, that is — is all about getting the Black vote out to elect more scumbag Democrats. Oh, and the useful-idiot White liberal vote, too. The fact that Michael Brown was a murderous thug who attacked a cop is beside the point. The narrative demands that he be innocent, so Obama and his lickspittle attack dog, Eric Holder, declare that he is, and promise to keep the rioting going until somebody is forced to sacrifice the cop. Or at least until the election is over, and then they can develop some new Ferguson-type events for future use.

Blacks are, of course, mostly just pawns in all this, doing what comes naturally, but how do you explain the White liberals? These are the bozos who were eager to elect Obama to bring us all together and be all post-racial. Do they not notice, or care, that the precise opposite is happening? Obama kept the pressure on, encouraging demonstration and rioting until the authorities in Florida were intimidated into putting Zimmerman on trial. Now Holder is hanging around Ferguson, demanding a new autopsy every few days, cheering the rioters on, determined to bring down the city government and police force and replace them with Black Panthers or Tonton Macoute. Steve Sailer puts it all this way:

It's Just Like Willie Horton Except Completely Different
Quibcag: Again, not a true quibcag. Happy homogenous Japan has little "diversity," hence hardly any angry, resentful Blacks, so the anime artists never draw them. So I had to use a picture of our own little angry Black man.


  1. Obama's only a symptom, not the problem (I've opted out of mainstream politics since 2004, pretty consistently voting Libertarian or for Ron Paul), but he's not really black. At first I assumed he was second-generation American Muslim, born to black converts. Then when I learned he's half-white and his father was foreign, I figured him out. Absent father: that settles it. Actually he was an international kid and college student (growing up in Indonesia); not "black" until he decided to go into politics. Even faking a blackcent now. Steve Sailer has pointed out he's one of our WASPiest presidents, having no real use for religion (church in Chicago was a political prop), for example. I don't think he's really foreign; it's very unlikely he was born abroad and anyway I don't care, even though it's in the Constitution. I rather like the idea he's a mediocrity who scammed his way into Columbia (guess affirmative action wasn't a sure enough thing?) by pretending to be Indonesian. (But Barry Soetoro the Indonesian wouldn't have become president, so he dropped that persona.) Anyway, you and Sailer are right. Stoking black resentment is bull, part of liberal whites' proxy war on conservative whites.

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