Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Looniness of Open Borders

Libertarians sometimes say loony things, and they're at their looniest when advocating open borders. I keep trying to tell them that there could be no better plan than mass immigration to destroy libertarianism once and for all, but they just stick their fat little fingers in their ears and chant slogans loudly.

The irony is that they've been falling for the liberal/neocon argument that everybody wants to be free. Everybody wants to be an American. Everybody wants to be just like us.

Seriously, nobody in the Third World wants to be anything like us. They just want to have our stuff. And you'd be surprised how many people of West European origin also don't want to be just like us. Canada is full of people like that.

As I keep telling my libertarian friends, it's hard enough to sell the idea of liberty to Americans, let alone everybody else.

So now it's Northman's turn to try to get it through their heads. This if from


  1. OT:

    At American Thinker, Lloyd Marcus takes aim at the MAG, though he doesn't quite call it that:

  2. Interestingly the Libertarian SF Novel The Probability Broach seems to edge around this topic.

    In my reading a couple of paragraphs imply that there are biological differences between many of the people in Tyranny Land (the baseline universe) and Libertarian Land (the alternate one) Basically in LL a lot more people all over the globe have a greater potential to be Libertarians. The Hero minus or or two backslides of course has Libertarian in him

    The quite good web version talking monkeys and all is here

    and of course the book is in print.