Saturday, September 27, 2014

Serendipping Around The Net

With my handy serendipper, of course.  First, do not miss the provocative photo essay at The Right Stuff:

29 Things Black People Ruined

Second, While Neil deGrasse Tyson is probably 25 or 30 times as smart as his buddy, Obama, and overwhelmingly more entertaining, none of that precluded his being a clueless jerk, dancing like an organ grinder's monkey to collect pennies from all the bien-pensants out there. The point is that he has been very sloppy about quoting people out of context, misquoting people, or just making crap up to show how smart he and the lefties are and how goddam dumb ordinary American are, especially the White ones. Interestingly, this particular scandal is not permitted to be discussed on Wikipedia by its editors who know better than you. Nicholas Stix has a piece on that here:

And, also from The Right Stuff, the Hateful Heretic manages to demonstrate the liberalism is far worse than Naziism, even if Naziism was really, really, bad. And maybe it wasn't all that much. Anyhow, enjoy and be mind-blown by:

Why You’re Wrong About Nazism: 7 Huge Misconceptions About it (and Liberalism)

And that should hold everybody for awhile.
Quibcag: This is one of the K-On girls who likes to dress up.

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