Monday, September 15, 2014

Scotland the Braveheart

I've posted quite a bit about the Scottish independence vote coming up Thursday, and I think I've leaned in the direction of "yes." Don't mean to. I don't know enough about it to have a useful opinion. Oh, I'm all for Scots and Scotland — I'm at least partially descended from those border Scots that came over here and Andy Jacksoned around all over the place, or I like to think I am.  But I'm all for England and the English, too, being almost certainly descended from them as well. By this time, as a matter of facts, I'm sure that most Englishmen are partially descended from Scots and vice-versa. I'll say this — If Scotland becomes an EU member, it'll be a bad idea. It's a bad idea for any country to be in the EU.

What worries me is that the Scots have become too Andy-Cappish and not enough Scrooge-McDuckish over the years, and they'll end up being all left-wing and welcoming of Third-World immigration, etc. In such a case, they won't be "independent" in any meaningful way. The question is, are their politicians better than the UK politicians who've been running the place. It's hard to imagine how they could be any worse, so my feeble opinion, hardly definitive, is that they might as well give it a try.

But, in the interest of evenhandedness, here's a piece advocating a "no" vote, from a fairly authentic Scot, Gavin McInnes, from over at Takimag.

Scottish Independence Is Crap

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