Monday, September 22, 2014

Multiculturalism and Rape Culture

Seriously, if you believe in multiculturalism, which states that all cultures are equally worthy, how can you condemn rape culture? But logic is not popular on the left. Less now than ever.  The latest representative of actual rape culture you can read about HERE. Probably a murderer, too. Tends to go together.
Quibcag: The illustration is one of those groups of suspects that the media just hates to show the public. The quote is from the excellent Countenance Blog HERE.


  1. I mentioned elsewhere how to tell if your college is a 'rape school':
    1. Does it have a top 25 football team?
    2. Does it have a top 25 basketball team?
    3. Is it near ''the bad part of town''?
    Most genuine rapes occur by a non-student (and most football/basketball players there on a athletic scholarship do count as ''non-students'') on a coed. The ones mentioned above are the ones schools bend over backward to hush up. Either they need to keep that player on the team (look how they bend educational rules for them) or they don't want to frighten parents about how close the school is to 'da hood'.

    1. That is so true YIH. 30 years ago when I was in college, a white female was raped by a black football player. She was so upset she quit school. A few weeks later I asked one of my classmates where this girl was. I was told the story. I was pissed!

      A bunch of us ladies got together (one of them knew her well) and had a meeting with the coach, the dean and the local police. There was a hundred of us in a room. One of the gals called the NOW office (which back then really cared about women and not hating men) who showed up at our meeting.

      I got threats and sneers from the coaches at the meeting. I even told one that your stupid football team is more important than justice for this gal. She was a virgin when this man raped her. She deserves justice.

      So the local sheriff sent an investigator down and they found out the truth. He did rape her. He was brought back to my town and arraigned. A jury of 12 found him guilty. But for the 2 years I attended that school I was bothered all the time.

    2. Annie, from you we'd like to hear more comments! Dynamite!

  2. Because the left has a hierarchy of truths: anti-white and anti-Christian outrank the gays and the women.

  3. Here is an example of one that schools hush up. She vanished Sept.12, odds are by this point she ain't going to be found alive.
    The suspect is Jesse ‘LJ’ Matthew, who was kicked out of Liberty University, following an alleged sex attack on a female student but was not charged with any crime, former teammates said.
    He was a ''non-student'' there: ''As a gifted football player, ‘LJ’ – as he likes to be known – won a sports scholarship to Liberty University after he was named Charlottesville’s ‘Athlete of the Year’ in 1999.''
    I don't know what form of ''non-student'' he was at UVA, but...