Monday, September 29, 2014

Matt Bailey Cuts The Gordian Knot, Or At Least Rips It Up A Little!

Well, this quote settles it. I should be branding cattle or digging taters or whatever, and Matt Bailey should be blogging. I've been trying to say for years that libertarians and that group variously called traditional conservatives, the real right, paleoconservatives, etc., belong on the same side of the trench facing the Marxist-liberal-neocon enemy. The problem is, how do you get it through everybody's head? Matt has made a good start at explaining it with a sort of Zen koan that Mencken and Festus Hagen might have collaborated on. Pass it around.
Quibcag: Rally Vincent of Gunsmith Cats (ガンスミス キャッツGansumisu Kyattsu) isn't really a cop, but she looks kind of like the female equivalent of Dirty Harry, so here she is.

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